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Lego Malevolence 9515 Box

Lego Malevolence – Star Wars Set 9515 Review

Lego Malevolence 9515 Set

The Lego Malevolence Set has been highly anticipated in my family, mainly because of it’s dramatic role in the Star Wars Clone Wars TV series.

Looking past the rather “Thin” dimensions, it really is a wonderful set and breaks the recent tradition of gray Star Wars vehicles…to a degree.

Play-wise the set is very strong – it has the benefit of some rare minifigures (from both sides of the Force) and a very swooshable ship which comes with a handle at the top so pieces don’t break off as you pick it up.

Let’s take a closer look.

Lego Malevolence
Set 9515

Lego Set Number: 9515
Pieces: 1092
Minifigures: 6 (Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, General Grievous, Count Dooku, 2 X Battle Droids)
Price: US $119.99 / £99.99 /AU $179
Ages: 9-14
Released: August 2012
Theme: Star Wars Lego
Instructions in PDF: Available at Lego.com
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Lego Malevolence – Set 9515 Description

Engage the Republic with the mighty Malevolence™!

The Malevolence™ is General Grievous’ flagship and one of the Separatist military’s most feared weapons. Unbeknownst to Grievous and his crew, Anakin and Padmé have entered the giant craft in an attempt to rid the galaxy of this deadly curse. The Malevolence features a cargo bay with transport train, detailed interior with removable/opening sections for easy access and twin quick-fire missile launchers.

• Includes 6 minifigures: Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, General Grievous, Count Dooku, Battle Droid Commander and Battle Droid
• Features twin quick-fire missile launchers, cargo bay, fold-away handle on top, removable front section for easy access, opening rear section
• Weapons include 2 medium blasters, blaster pistol, 6 Lightsabers
• Accessories include wrench and hammer
• Malevolence™ measures over 23″ (60cm) long, 7″ (18cm) wide and 5″ (13cm) tall


Lego Malevolence Set 9515
The Brick Life Review

This is a ship my son has been eagerly awaiting since he saw it in action on Season One of The Clone Wars cartoon.

I must admit, composited against a red moon, with blue highlights on it’s fuselage and a powerful Ion Canon, even I was enamored with the ship.


However when I first saw images of the official Lego version I was a little disappointed – It seemed too thin for my liking.

Can you see what I mean?

It is nice and long but the width across the middle combined with the height… it almost seems like there is nothing there, especially when you compare it to the Millennium Falcon Lego set which, admittedly, is more of a playset than a ship.

So, having seen the ship up close, this “thinness” factor still prevents the Malevolence set from becoming a “must have” set in my mind.

However if you can look past that factor, it has two other major factors in it’s favor
– the minifigures and the flight ability.


Lego-Malevolence-MinifiguresThe Lego Malevolence comes with six minifigures and includes one of the best Padme figures to date.

In her spacesuit, she’s all action which is a nice change from the fairly passive figures we have seen before (not that I’m complaining about the new Queen Amidala figure which is a work of art).

This Padme is a really nice looking figure that matches the show version well and allows for numerous action-based play scenarios.

Set 9515 also comes with Count Dooku, who has been rather rare in the last few years as well as General Grievous who has also managed to elude my family for the last decade. What is it about the bad guys – I guess they really are hard to capture after all!

Also included are the ubiquitous Anakin Skywalker minifigure and two battle droids.


As I mentioned earlier, the colors really attracted me to this set. While there is a certain level of “Star Wars Grey” there is also some nice dark blue and the additions of the light-clear-blue of the Ion Canon as well as the orange highlights on the rear engines set-off the overall look of the ship nicely.

Now if only every set came with a poster of a glowing red moon to display it up against 🙂

Play Features

Lego-Malevolence-Action-FeaturesThe Malevolence comes with a number of play features, most notable of which is the retractable handle on the top of the ship that allows kids (and adults) to fly the Malevolence around the room without fear of pieces falling off.

This feature is similar to handles on the Lego Republic Frigate from 2011 and the Venator Republic Attack Cruiser from 2009.

It is a wonderful feature for Lego ships as it really amps up the play value.

If you want to see how frustrating “flying” a large spaceship without a handle is, try swooshing the Lego Millennium Falcon around the house.

The Malevolence is much more manageable as a spaceship, though lacks the interior space of the Falcon.

Value For Money:  Fair price if you can get it a few dollars off and shipped for free.  4/5
Play Experience: Fun as a ship but not so much as a playset. 4/5
Pieces & Minifigures: A great selection of good vs bad figures and an exclusive “action” Padme. 5/5
Value For Kids:  Kids who are Clone wars fans will love it.  4/5
Overall Recommendation:  A nice set that has great play value.
Would be a wonderful set for boys and girls who are fans of the TV series.

Lego Malevolence Image Gallery

Malevolence Mark I

It is interesting to note that, although this is the first Malevolence set ever released by Lego, it is not the first time they have designed one.

As part of their promotions for the 2009 Quest for R2-D2 game and mini-movie, Lego hid four instruction books for an original version of this model, the pieces of which could be collated by buying many of the Star Wars sets from 2009.

My son attempted to make the model but as we have very few of the required sets, gave up fairly soon after and designed his own model. If you are interested in making a version of the malevolence Mark I then you can find the instructions here:


Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129) Box

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129) – Revisiting Old Lego Sets

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129) BoxI have been feeling sentimental about certain Lego sets in the last few weeks.

I think this is primarily because there are so many new Lego sets coming out right about now that I am beginning to realise I may have missed the boat in purchasing some Lego sets that seemed so common a few months ago but are now nowhere to be seen.

One such set is the Lego Star Wars AT-AT, set 8129.

The AT-AT holds such an iconic place in the Star Wars universe (of which I am a big fan) and makes an amazing entrance into one of my favorite movies of all time. Sure it is gray all over (as are many of the SW sets) and looks a little gangly, but for fans of The Empire Strikes Back it remains an intimidating and awe-inspiring vehicle.

Lego AT-AT Walker

LEGO-AT-AT-4483I had owned the original AT-AT from 2003 (4483) but sold it for some reason I really can’t remember right now and if I did remember I am sure would not make any sense whatsoever…

It was a beautiful model and while it is easy to romanticize about the first version of each Lego set, it was certainly larger than the 2010 release by a few hundred pieces and seems more solid somehow.

However it is very hard to come by for under $300, even in used condition.

The next AT-AT to be released by Lego was the motorized version, which is one of those models that you have to see to believe.

If someone had suggested to me that you could design this type of model, package it as a toy that kids build themselves and then make it walk using batteries and a small motor I would have taken on the Empire myself to prove them wrong – thankfully it didn’t come to that.

Check this out….

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129)

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129) BoxThe set I decided to add to my collection was the latest version of the AT-AT walker, which came out in 2010. The set was an exclusive, limited edition model so was only available in certain stores.

In the US that meant Toys R Us while in Australia I think it was exclusive to KMart. As it was only allocated to certain stores it came with a higher price tag, coming in at $109 US for 815 pieces which is quite expensive (another reason why I might not have picked it up when it was first released).

As I am avid Star Wars and Lego fan, the AT-AT is one of the sets I felt was missing from my collection so decided to hunt it down.

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Walker (8129) SetNeedless to say I couldn’t find it for sale in any store – not Amazon (US/France/Spain/UK/Italy) or any of the other places I follow religiously. Those places that were selling new Mint In Sealed Box sets were asking over $200 which was beyond my price range.

I managed to find a set on ebay over the weekend for $130. It had been built once by an adult collector then disassembled and came with all pieces, minfigures, instructions and even the box.

Shipping to Australia from the US was cheap and so I bought it and ended up having a great interaction with the seller.

I’m looking forward to building it with my kids and am quite happy that I finally have this iconic set back in my collection.

If you are after the Lego AT-AT for yourself, your , just check the feedback! Are there other Lego sets you wished you had picked up while they were still on the store shelves? I know there are dozens I missed 🙂

Lego At-AT Gallery

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