The Best First Lego Sets For A Child

Lego is one of the world’s most popular toys, both with children and parents.

While children simply love creating and playing with Lego, parents love its unique ability to hold a child’s attention and educate children while they play, and often without the addition of batteries.

If you are looking to introduce Lego to your child here then this article will help you decide the best place to start.

What Is Lego?

Lego is a construction toy where shaped colored blocks of plastic are placed together with other pieces to build just about anything you can imagine.

While the majority of Lego Sets available allow kids to follow instructions and make specific models, the real fun with Lego is taking models apart and using the same pieces to make other models the child has designed themselves.

Where To Start?

If you are looking to start your child’s Lego collection but are overwhelmed with the range, that is understandable.

There is alot of Lego to choose from!

After buying Lego for my kids over the last decade and seeing their rooms being strewn with the stuff, I would probably have dones things a little differently given the chance.

I would have started small, with a few choice sets and then grown our collection slowly from there.

If you are just testing the waters, you would do well to purchase a couple of sets to build out their block count (so they can make more models) but also introduce balance these generic blocks with some specialist pieces and minifigures to add a personalized element.

Best Lego Starter Sets

When parents ask me which Lego sets I recommend for a child over 4 years old (younger children will be ready for Duplo) who has no Lego already I take a two part approach.

1. Bricks And More (Now called ‘Classic’)

There are a number of boxes of Lego available in the Lego range, that contain a thousand or so bricks in addition to a couple of minifigures, some wheels and other specialist pieces.

You need those extra pieces like wheels, doors and roof tiles to increase the model options your child can create.

Released under the banner of the “Bricks And More” or Classic theme, these large sets offer a great way to kick-start any collection.

While there are instructions included in the box to make a number of different models with the pieces, kids can also make just about anything they can imagine.

2. Small Themed Sets

Coupling one of these sets with a set from the city, castle, space or licensed themes adds a certain element of specialness to a first collection.

If your child likes Space, Police, Castles, Harry Potter, Star Wars or any of the other themes available in Lego, purchasing a small simple set in that theme allows a way for them to combine their already established interests with the creativity of Lego.

You can find a large range of Lego sets that offer great value for under $25.

Your kids will grow with their Lego collection over many years, but starting off with well-considered sets will ensure their interest lasts.

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