Tips To Make Your Child’s Lego Go Further

Lego fans are unstoppable.

There is something about these small colored bricks that makes kids (and adults!) just want more.

If you have a child who likes Lego you know that buying new sets is great for a while but can very soon become not only expensive but take up a significant amount of space in a child’s room.

Lego, by it’s nature is made up of lots of small pieces that can make just about anything your child can imagine-that is it’s strength as a toy but, in some households, it  can also be it’s weakness.

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Many families I know end up having Lego areas under the house or out on the patio or veranda because the sheer love of Lego has meant that it no longer fits inside the child’s room or even the house.

Lego is always about innovation and new creations but that doesn’t necessarily mean buying more sets.

My son loves new sets when they come out and to tell you a secret, so do I.

But living in a small apartment I realise that there has to be a point that we can no longer buy the latest and greatest big Lego set.

So I discovered a way around this- A way to build the new sets with the Lego you already have.

This is what I do.

1. Visit

On sites like you can look up a set by theme, name or number and then download the instructions in PDF format.

Sit down with your child or if they are old enough, get them to go though the inventory at the back of the instructions book themselves, and circle pieces they don’t have.

Trust me, if your child is really into Lego they will know very well which pieces they don’t have.

2. Visit

Then visit and enter the set number.

This website will then bring up the inventory of pieces for that set and provide links to another site called Bricklink.

3. Visit

Bricklink is a site where Lego vendors sell just about every set, figure and piece of Lego ever made. Here you can purchase the individual pieces you are missing and even a hard copy of the instructions for a fraction of the price of the new set.

This process will empower your child do some deductive research and make the most of the Lego they already have while reducing the strain on your living space and wallet.

It is amazing what a difference a new piece, set of instructions
or minifigure can do to give life an existing collection.
Keep On Bricking- Inger.


  1. Inger says:

    Hi Marcus
    Thanks for the great feedback.
    Lego has provided a wonderful service in publishing the instructions for free.
    It makes the toy so much more valuable for parents.

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