Top Lego Kingdoms Sets of 2011

Best Lego Kingdoms SetsWhile we’ve been celebrating the arrival of the latest Lego 2012 image and set details of late, it’s time now to get back to looking over the best sets of the past year – this time looking at a perennial favorite, Lego Kingdoms.

2011 saw Kingdoms continue to move away from the mystical and mythical to the more reality based medieval and historical. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t magic in the sets, in fact they were some of the best Castle themed sets we have seen in a long time.

The only problem I had with Lego Kingdoms in 2011 was that there were only 4 sets!?! Hopefully next year we may see more from Lego?

As there were only four, it makes it hard to countdown the top 5 so we managed to reduce it to two, but even that was difficult! So join us as we do the (very short) countdown the best Kingdoms theme sets of 2011.

As a site for parents, The Brick Life takes into account a set’s play value for kids in both the short and long term as well as it’s value for money over time. So our version of “Best” refers to both their appeal to kids and their affordability for parents.

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Top Lego Kingdoms Sets For 2011

Lego Blacksmith Attack Set2. Blacksmith Attack (6918)

This is a wonderful little set and  apart from being highly appealing it is also great value.

I was in a toy store the other day trying to decide on a present for a child so of course I was in the Lego aisle. Looking at the shelves for lower priced sets I was weighing up the price to value ratio (as you do with presents for a child’s friends) and I couldn’t better this set.

It retails for US $9.99/EUR £9.49/AUS $17.99 and comes with 104 pieces.

Of those pieces two are mini figures with the most gorgeous detailing and a whole bucket full of accessories. To top that off you get one of Lego’s new molded chickens – SOLD!

The building itself is a blacksmith forge and comes with a fire to heat up the swords, an anvil and a hammer that bangs on the anvil when you turn the wheel on the side of the building. It is similar to the device used in the Medieval Market Place set.

And no blacksmith would be complete without a whole armory of weapons – Lego really didn’t skimp here. The set comes with armor, 2 swords, a battle axe, a scythe, a bow & arrow and two knives as well as a few other bits and pieces that the more medievally (I had no idea that was a word!) educated may be able to help me with.

Full of character and awesome value for money the Blacksmith Attack set perfectly complements any of the other Kingdoms sets and also stands strongly on it’s own as a well-rounded playset straight out of the box.

Lego Blacksmith Attack

Where To Buy Blacksmith Attack

1. Mill Village Raid

If you were attentive in the last post you may have picked up that I love the Lego chickens. So I thought it only fair to mention that the set that appealed to me most in the Kingdoms theme this year features…chickens.

Lego Mill Village Raid Set

Mill Village Raid is of course so much more than just chickens.

It also comes with 2 goats, a pig and some horses 🙂

Jokes aside this is a perfect middle sized set that fits right in with similarly themed Kingdoms sets like Medieval Market Village.

Lego continues to show a side to this period in history that is so much more than castles and knights. Having said that both these sets look great as part of a larger diorama with a big castle in the middle.

The set comes with two separate buildings, a windmill/grain store and a barn – both highly detailed and finished with little features like flowers, pitchforks, ladders and a number of small accessories/features that make this set a gem.

Play-wise the set really shines.

A crank concealed in the chicken (there’s that word again) on the roof raises and lowers a basket at the front of the barn which can be used to carry food or people. While in the windmill building, another crank turns the windmill blades and the grindstone inside. It is amazing how much Lego managed to fit into this set and it is a testament to the designers who know their craft inside and out.

Six minifigures round out this set; a milkmaid, farmer, stableboy and 3 dragon knights as well as the afore mentioned farm animals and a small cart.

Lego Mill Village Raid Box

Where To Buy Mill Village Raid

In conclusion

So I have to say that was the hardest list I have done so far.
Even though there were only four Kingdoms sets released in 2011 they were all very appealing to me and I could easily recommend all to parents and families.
What about you?
Did you think King’s Carriage Ambush or Escape from the Dragon’s Prison were superior?

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