Where Do Lego Designers Work?

Want to See Where Lego Designers Work?

Where Do Lego Designers Work?If you thought you had every reason to be jealous of Lego Designers, you know those wonderful people who get paid real money to work with Lego, well now there is another one to add to your list.

Here are some photographs of the LEGO PMD (Product & Marketing Development) Centre, as designed by Danish architects Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord and based at Lego HQ in Billund, Denmark.

Inspired by the toy that they in turn inspire, the office is meant to encourage a playful mindset in members of the Lego Design team. Complete with slides, foosball (football) table, “clouds” and so much more the office is every Lego fan’s ideal home/work environment.

I have particular respect for how clean it is!

Considering how much Lego lies around our houses on any given day I wonder if they spent a few days cleaning up the space to take these photos and then let it all “go back to normal” afterwards. But seriously, I’m sure there is someone who’s job it is to pick up the Lego once the designers have finished “working” and then catalogue it away in those beautiful looking archive drawers according to size/color/shape.

Hmm, I think I’ve invented a new job for myself, “Lego Librarian” (I’m qualified you know).

Honestly some of the photos made my heart stop so I’m just going to stop talking and let the images speak for themselves.

Images courtesy of Anders Sune Berg from http://www.adelto.co.uk/the-contemporary-lego-pmd-denmark/


    • Inger says:

      Lego advertises for designers every blue moon or so.
      I also found a post over at the Lego Designers blog:

      “You might wonder how you become a Lego designer: do you need to be incredible at building with Lego, or to know all about every model ever made? Do you have to study product design or engineering in order to get a job as a Lego designer? Actually, there are many ways you can become one.

      All designers working here have different backgrounds, for instance there´s an archeologist, a chef, architects and car designers, but what we all have in common is the joy of building and creating new and fun models for kids all over the world. In Creator we have very different backgrounds, not only do we come from different countries, but our background for becoming a Lego designer is very different.

      Some of us have studied product design, like me, and thereby learned the design skills that are very useful as a Lego designer. Some of the designers in the team have never stopped playing with Lego since they got their first Lego set as a kid. They have become fantastic builders and therefore incredible Lego designers.

      So if you are dreaming of becoming a Lego designer, the best advice is to keep up building and have fun with it. A design degree will definitely help you, but your building skills and imagination is also important. It´s a good idea to attend Lego events and a great possibility to meet with Lego people at the events.

      Take pictures of your creations and keep track of what you are building. Have fun! We might meet in Billund or at a Lego event some day 🙂 ”

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