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Who Are The Lego Ninjago Characters?

Lego Ninjago MinifiguresWho are the Lego Ninjago characters? Both the good and bad guys…and even those in between?

I must admit to not following the Lego cartoon series, Ninjago Rise of the Snakes as much as I should have.

Hence I can’t tell you the difference between the various snake tribes and have absolutely no hope in even naming one of the leaders of these tribes – Not so good for someone who writes a Lego blog!

But then I stumbled on this article which both named the characters and also let me know in which sets they could be found – Thus my Lego-cred was duly restored!

The Article was published in the Jan-May 2012 issue of the Lego Club Magazine:

I hope you find the information useful. I know more than one family who have been asked by their young-Ninja warriors for the Fangtom minifigure but have no idea where to find him.

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