Before we go on let me just clear up one important piece of information -I love Lego.

Now it’s true, my son loves Lego and my daughter loves Lego.

But I love Lego too, which is why this site exists.


When I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist, a marine biologist and, if all else failed, an X-Wing Pilot.

I have worked as (in order):

  • A supermarket cashier
  • A cleaner
  • Mother
  • A librarian (+ Mother)
  • An owner of a comic book business (+Mother)
I love stories, mainly visual, and kids stories that adults can relate to.
I love to draw, write screenplays and play with Lego.

This Site

I started online blogs in 2007, soon after I sold my comic business.
Most of those first blogs do not exist anymore – and believe me, the web is a better place for it!

After a few false starts I decided I would like to write about Lego because my family loved it, and so did I.

So I started The Brick Life in 2010 and it has slowly evolved into the site you see before you.

As part of this new life, I also sell Lego on ebay. Writing about Lego wasn’t enough – I love seeing the brand new boxes full of potential (even if I can’t open them).I also love selling Lego sets to people who also love Lego.
Everybody wins!

The Brick Life

The Brick Life is a place for families who love Lego.

If you are like me, your kids love the stuff because it is pure fun.
Assemble, play, disassemble then start again.

If you are like me, you like Lego because it is an old company that has been around since we were kids.
Now as parents, Lego lets our kids imagine, create, play and learn – all at once.
It’s also a toy we can feel comfortable buying because we aren’t compromising on our kid’s future.

Lego has a corporate structure that encourages creativity but also sustainability:

  • Lego is often passed on to other kids, rarely thrown out and is very durable.
  • LEGO has only had two (voluntary) product recalls in their 75 year history.
  • Lego has invested $532 million in wind farm technology to sustain future energy needs

I believe that Lego is one of the few toy companies that believes in responsible growth.
Did I mention it’s also alot of fun?

What The Brick Life Site is About

The Brick Life aims to share information about:

  • Lego sales/deals for families worldwide (because Lego can be expensive)
  • The latest cool Lego sets plus ways to make your existing Lego collection go further
  • The amazing things people can create with Lego
  • Activities, Tips and just about anything else so you can share Lego with your family


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Thanks for visiting The Brick Life.
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