Barnes And Noble 20% Off One Item Coupon

Lego Destiny's BountyThanks to Toys and Bricks we have found out about a Barnes and Noble Coupon that offers you 20% off one item.

As Barnes and Noble now have most 2012 Lego sets in stock and they ship overseas for a great price, this makes the coupon a winner for Lego fans worldwide.

Some sets are selling out fast and Barnes and Noble has a history of removing coupon options for Lego sets, so you best get in fast.

I managed to purchase the new Lego Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty Ship set and it ships to me in Australia for $70!

Thats better than any deal I will get in the near future…

Check out the new Lego 2012 sets by clicking this link and scrolling through till you find the set you are after.

The coupon isĀ U7K4X3B.

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