Buy The Lego Black Pearl and Receive A Free…Teddy Bear?

2011 Amazon Gund Bear

Amazon are running an offer that is too “cute” to resist, especially if you or someone in your family loves Lego and Teddy Bears.

And that just about covers everyone I know, including me!

With every $75 worth of purchases on select toys Amazon is giving their 2011 Gund Amazon Exclusive Teddy Bear away for free.

The bear normally costs $29 and is has already captured my daughter’s heart – so I’ll probably have to order an extra one for her 😉

Its a great deal but Amazon does specify the bear is only free if you spend $75 on certain toys, and there are a limited range – not all Lego sets qualify.

We have listed the sets that qualify below and keep in mind that some are already discounted so you get a discounted Lego set, a free high-quality Gund bear and free shipping.

Check out the toys that qualify below.

Qualifying Lego Sets:

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