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Lego Whitecap Bay

Barnes And Noble 30% Off Lego Sets (POTC, SW & More)

Lego Whitecap BayBarnes and Noble have 30% off certain Lego sets at the moment.

Sets on discount include some Star Wars and Pirates Of the Caribbean sets.

Barnes and Noble ship overseas for very reasonable rates, though the faster shipping option is preferred as some packages have been known to arrive somewhat flat!

As always add more sets to make the postage costs more viable per item, each set added does not raise the postage cost significantly.

B&N also has Lord of the Rings sets available for good prices as well as Lego books and more.


Black Pearl Lego Set

Amazon UK Sale – Worldwide Ship On Many Sets

Black Pearl Lego have been having a sale for a week or so and I just keep finding more sets on special.

The latest set of particular interest to Lego fans in Australia, New Zealand and other non-US countries is The Black Pearl set, part of the Lego Pirates Of the Caribbean theme.

In Australia this set is hard to find and retails for $169.99 if you can find it in stores, more if you purchase off the Internet and include shipping costs.

Up until now I hadn’t been aware of any of the worldwide Amazon retailers shipping this set overseas but recently discovered that do and can save you quite a bit of money.

Purchasing one set will set you back approximately $139 AUS (including 2-4 days Priority shipping) but the price per set reduces the more items you buy.

If you after more sets to make the purchase worth your while, is having a fairly significant sale on many Lego sets, from all themes.

Lego The BurrowOf particular note if you are a collector is the truly wonderful Lego Harry Potter set, The Burrow.

In recent weeks the HP sets seem to have become more expensive on the secondary market as they disappear from store shelves – this will only become more pronounced as new sets (like Lego Marvel Avengers sets) take their place.

The Hogwarts Express for example is quite hard to find now and the price is rising accordingly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Burrow follows suit. So if you are after the set for a good price then this may be your last opportunity.

Here are some other sets on sale at (not all sets can ship overseas):

Really there are too many sets on sale to list them all so check out the Lego Bestseller list to see what everyone else is buying as you are sure to find a bargain (or three!).