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Lego Passenger Train (7938) 42% OFF Sale

Lego 7938Amazon UK currently has the Lego City passenger Train on a steep discount of 42% off, bringing the price down to £59.98 + Shipping.

This set is also available for worldwide shipping – Overseas customers receive an additional 16.7% off as they do not pay for EURO VAT tax.

If you are into trains then also consider the Flexible tracks (7499) and Train Station (7937) which are also discounted and will help bring down the cost per item in shipping charges.

Passenger Train

All aboard the new high-speed passenger train!

The new high-speed passenger train is faster than a speeding bullet and it’s on-track to super-speed passengers to their destinations! This train can handle up to eight cars at a time through the tight curves of the new flexible tracks using the new 4-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control. Train features an engine with opening cockpit and 2 passenger cars with removable roofs and space for 10 passengers. Includes 3 minifigures: train driver and 2 passengers; plus 1 traffic light, train station, 16 curved track pieces and 16 flexible track pieces that can make a curve or straightway.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: 1 train driver and 2 passengers
  • Features LEGO Power Functions battery box, train motor, infrared receiver and 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that can run up to 8 different trains at once
  • Train measures 27″ (69cm) long
  • Requires 9 AAA batteries
  • Note: Tracks not compatible with LEGO 9V Trains; Train is compatible with LEGO 9V tracks.

Lego Red Cargo Train 3677

Lego Red Cargo Train 3677 EngineLego recently revealed a new Lego Red Cargo Train 3677 which is a beautiful addition to the popular City sub-theme, Lego Trains and their second cargo train in just over a year.

Lego Red Cargo Train 3677

The beautiful red engine is driven by Lego Power Functions remote control and comes with 3 freight cars, engine car, repair truck, conveyer belt, 4 railroad workers and 40 tracks (16 flex, 16 curved and 8 straight).

It is a great set for those who already have 2010’s Cargo Train 7939 or missed out on it.

The Lego Cargo Trains are a perennially popular part of the Lego City theme because they combine remote control power with the awesomeness of trains and add extra playability with trucks and cargo elements.

Kids love to make these trains a part of their cities and harbors because they provide so many opportunities for creative play.

Dont’ miss this one!

Lego Red Cargo Train 3677 – Official Lego Description

“Prepare the cargo train for its next destination!

The LEGO City freight yard is busier than ever! Get the Red Cargo Train ready to roll out and haul! Load rocks into the freight cars with the conveyor belt and be careful when loading the hazardous waste car. Use the flatbed utility freight car and railroad repair truck to repair the tracks. Then drive your haul through LEGO City with the LEGO Power Functions Remote Control #8879! Loaded with details and accessories including 3 freight cars, engine car, broom, shovel, jackhammer and 40 tracks.

– Includes 4 railroad worker minifigures
– Red Cargo Train features train engine and 3 freight cars, including tipping, hazardous waste and flatbed freight cars
– Includes railroad repair truck
– Also includes 40 tracks: 16 flex, 16 curved and 8 straight
– Accessories include broom, shovel and jackhammer
– Load rocks into the freight cars with the conveyor belt!
– Haul the railroad repair truck to the work site with the yellow flatbed freight car or drive it on the road!
– Steer the Red Cargo Train with the LEGO® Power Functions Remote Control #8879″

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