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Lego Man of Steel 76003

Lego Sale – Man Of Steel Sets | Australian Shipping

Amazon UK have the LEGO Man Of Steel sets on sale and available to ship now. As a bonus the shipping prices to Australia are quite reasonable.

The three sets are based on the upcoming Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, set to hit Australian screens in late June. As of writing the sets are at 25% off their UK retail price and overseas customers can also take off VAT which makes the deal especially sweet.

The sets are:


LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack 76007

Lego Iron Man 3 Sets 2013 Wave 1

Lego has released (via Barnes and Noble) images of the Lego Iron Man 3 sets to be released as of May 2013.

Iron Man 3 is the sequel to two hit movies featuring Tony Stark, millionaire playboy who just happens to fly around saving people in a high tech metal suit.

While the movies themselves are rated M (like most other modern super-hero movies) the character of Iron Man appeals to kids and can also be seen in a number of Avengers themed cartoons aimed at younger audiences.

The latest film features a new character known as War Machine and a new antagonist known as The Mandarin.

You can pre-order the sets (international) from Barnes and Noble.

Lego Iron Man 3 Wave 1 2013

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle 76006

Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack 76007

Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown 76008

Thanks to Brickset for the news.

The sets are part of the Lego Super Heroes theme which also includes The Avengers, Spider-Man and the DC Super Heroes like Batman and Superman.