This page is a place to store all those random articles on cool Lego creations and designs and…stuff that has come to our attention over the years. We thought if we made a list something would catch your eye, and who knows where that will lead!

It’s a growing list so it may start small but will grow over time.
So, in no particular order:

Cool Lego Stuff

Lego In the Movies

Lego And Science

Lego And the World

A Guide To Lego Sets

A Guide To Duplo

Make the Most of Your Child’s Lego Collection

Beyond Lego Bricks

Lego Books

Lego Movies To Watch (& Make)

Managing and Storing Lego

  • Lego Storage Guide – Tips and Tools to Help Stop the “Lego Mess”
  • Lego Table– Our Guide To Buying Or Building
  • Lego Zipbins – A convenient and portable way to store and play for small Lego collections

Lego Education

Other Lego Resources


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