Duplo 30 Days Of Play

Duplo 30 Days Of Play Challenge

Duplo 30 Days Of PlayI’m coming in late to the Duplo 30 Days Of Play challenge, run by Canada based blog magazine Today’s Parent.

I had heard about this set of Lego Duplo activities previously but not really taken the time to check it out, which I now realise was a mistake.

Because it is such a great idea!

The Duplo 30 Days Of Play

The challenge is basically this.

Each day for 30 days the blog posts an activity you and your child can make and do with Lego Duplo.

Most of the activities don’t involve any special pieces and if they do, you can usually substitute or modify them with basic blocks.

Lets look at an example:

Duplo 30 Days of Play – Day 4
Build A Container 

Lego Duplo 30 Days of Play Day 4The instructions for today’s activity are as follows:

“Build a box you can use for whatever you choose! Build a container and help expand your little one’s imagination.
Have fun imagining all sorts of uses, the sillier the better.”

Sounds simple doesn’t it!

What a cool (and practical!) idea.

Lego Duplo SetWhile the site recommends Lego Duplo sets you will “need” for this exercise, you can create this with just about any blocks and enhance your creation with any special pieces you might have, just as they have done so with the flowers.

If you need some help choosing a basic set to start check out our guide to Lego Duplo.

30 Days + More

Each day is a different activity and it really is a wonderful way to connect with young children and encourage their creativity and hand/eye co-ordination.

There is a competition on the site as well, open to Canadian residents. You can submit another idea for creative play with Duplo and go in the draw to win a trip to Legoland for four people. By sharing the competition on Facebook/Twitter you also help Lego raise money for the Canadian Make a Wish Foundation.

The competition closes on 8th of April but hopefully the site will remain live after that time so parents can continue to take the 30 day Play Challenge and share their Duplo play ideas.

You can check out the Duplo 30 Day Play Challenge on the Today’s Parent blog.

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