Huge LEGO Yoda Statue Built In Melbourne | May 4th 2013

LEGO-Star-Wars-May-4th-Yoda-Statue-EventTo celebrate May The 4th (Official Star Wars Day) in Australia, the LEGO Group constructed a Huge LEGO Yoda statue from over 100,000 LEGO bricks. The LEGO Yoda was built by Ryan McNaught, one of only 13 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world, and a keen group of Lego Star Wars fans.

Over the course of the weekend, more than 4,000 Aussies flocked to Westfield Doncaster to help Ryan construct this huge model paying homage to Star Wars and celebrating the love of LEGO.

Lego Australia: Press Release


This May the Fourth, Jedi and LEGO fans alike came together at Westfield Doncaster and celebrated the world of LEGO Star Wars with a building event like no other.

Harnessing the power of the Force along with a little help from Ryan McNaught; one of only 13 Certified LEGO Professionals in the world, fans young and old gathered and assisted Ryan in the building of a giant LEGO model of the Jedi Master himself, Yoda.

Standing at 3m high, this awe-inspiring LEGO model was constructed from over 100,000 LEGO bricks and took over 12 hours in total to build from the ground up.

Commenting on the fun-filled weekend, Ryan said “”It’s been a phenomenal weekend! In just two days, over 4,000 members of the public have helped us to construct this gigantic LEGO model, paying homage to one of the best-loved Star Wars characters.”

“I really enjoyed meeting and building together with children, adults and even lots of young Darth Vaders, Princess Leias and Storm Troopers. I hope this event will inspire LEGO and Star Wars fans alike, reminding fans of all ages of the endless building possibilities of the LEGO brick.”


The Huge LEGO Yoda statue will remain at the Toys R’ Us in Westfield Doncaster for the next 2 weeks for those fans who were unable to take part in the construction.

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