Lego 2013 – First Sneak Peek Image?

Rumors and leaked images for the Lego 2013 sets are starting to appear on the web, but in the mail today I received my first Official Sneak Peek of what is to come courtesy of the last Lego Club Magazine for 2012.

On the back page of the September -December 2012 Magazine was a curious question mark image with a transparent sphere containing crystals inside, super-imposed on the question mark’s “dot”.

I’m not very adept at explaining things like this and a picture can say so much more…

What do you think?

Lego 2013 Image 1

Of course I’ve heard the rumors of a Lego Ice/Arctic theme (Speedorz?) being launched in 2013…could this be a hint of that theme or is there something else to be read into it?

Let me know what you think, or what you have heard.


  1. Sven F says:

    I have for years had a dream of a continuation of the Technic “Arctic Action” from 1986. But to be honest, I suppose it won’t happen this year either. 🙂

    • Inger says:

      Now thats a version I haven’t heard.
      Great thinking!
      It is quite possible that it is Kryptonite (not green though) or the “Fortress of Solitude”.
      That’s exciting 🙂

  2. elfelix says:

    Hey dudes!
    I could take a peep today into the retailers catalogue in a german store, and…
    I can tell that “Legends of Chima” looks really amazing!

    The figures are full of detail, and remind of the “Battle Beasts” I owned when I was a child in the late eighties. Cat-like men, reptiles and the hawks and flyings ones are really cool, with lots of printed details everywhere, really crazy!!! They have some of “Thundercats” style too, and the chief of the “good ones” looks very similar to Lion-O.

    The vehicles are very spectacular and original too, specially the alligator-reptile-or so ship, with lots of lime pieces and transparent red canopies. There is a kion of lion-truck with lots of interesting sand coloured pieces, and many other vehicles with new green tones (very good for army components or vehicles).

    The “speedorz” look like some kind of “Beyblade” toy… I didn´t found them very interesting, but they where nicely printed too…

    I could take a look to the new “space” sets too, with interesting vehicles that remind the classic LEGO spaceships, with spaceships and characters in three different colours: red, blue and green. Some minifigs had robotical heads instead of the classic LEGO round ones. I didn´t like them too much, but they seemed to be still in a pre-production phase… There was a set with an alien insect that was really really amazing!

    Ninjago has definitively new bad guys with interesting samurai armors in red tones with round hats, and there is a golden dragon, yes, but a golden robot too!!! Of course with a golden ninja in it! 😉 The ninja vehicles reminded me of “Power Miners”, with drills and that… Theres is a small red robot too, but the limegreen robot of the “CREATOR series” looks a lot better!

    Sadly, all the boxes of “The Hobbit” and the “Lone Ranger” where printed in grey, with absolutely no details, but there was a poster inside with four different dwarves than the ones we have seen in the San Diego preview of the set, so it seems we will have all the dwarves of the story!

    I didnt pay too much attention to the “Star Wars” sets, because they looked a lot like pre-production with unfinished images. Yes, the four armed jedi was there, and we will get those black new sith troopers in a battle pack!

    Thats all I can remember! Next LEGO season is going to be amazing!
    I dont know if I am very happy, because it is going to be really expensive…
    And, in my opinion, Chima is going to be hard to beat!

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