Lego Batcave 2012 – (Set 6860) Lego Super Heroes

Lego Batcave 2012As part of the new Lego Super Heroes line featuring spandex clad heroes from both the DC and Marvel comics, Lego is re-releasing one of it’s most highly sought after Lego sets ever – the Lego Batcave 2012.

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Part of the DC Universe, the Lego Batcave, Set 6860 features minifigures Batman, Robin as well as two villains from the Rogue’s Gallery – Poison Ivy and Bane, who features prominently in 2012’s Batman The Dark Knight Rises movie.

The set was revealed at the New York Comic Con today and will be released as part of Lego Super Heroes theme in early 2012. Click on the gallery below to see a larger picture.

Lego Batcave 2012

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