Lego City 2012 – Set Images and Details

Lego City 2012 Car And Caravan

New Lego City 2012 images have started to appear online and while they all feature watermarks they lack the “Confidential” status we have seen so far- so as far as we can see they are legitimate and legal :0)

If you take a good look at the sets you can see in the first wave of 2012 Lego City will have a “Forest” management focus as well as a few Recycle/Garbage sets, both put a new twist on sets we have seen before.

Taking the regular Fire and Police sub-themes and placing them in a Forest context is a refreshing change and already I can’t wait to see where Lego takes them next.

The Lego City Forest sub-theme is also a wonderful way to expand the City theme- bringing the “country” to the borders of the urban environment in the same way that the Farm sets did in 2011.

My favorites so far are the Caravan and Car, the Mobile Command Center and especially the Heavy Lift Helicopter which looks amazing!

Lego City 2012 Sets

  • 4206 Recycling Truck
  • 4208 4×4 Fire Truck
  • 4209 Fireplane
  • 4427 Fire ATV
  • 4430 Mobile Fire Command Center
  • 4431 Ambulance
  • 4432 Garbage Truck
  • 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter
  • 4434 Tipper Truck
  • 4435 Car & Caravan
  • 4436 Patrol Car
  • 4437 Police Pursuit
  • 4438 Forest Police Command Center
  • 4439 Heavy Lift Helicoper
  • 4440 Forest Police Station
  • 4441 Police Dog Van
  • 4205 Off Road Command Center
  • 4442 Bandit’s Hideout Cabin
  • 6169 Fireman

Lego City 2012 Image Gallery

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