Lego Club News- New Tiger Model and More

The Lego Club is one of the Lego Company’s greatest gifts to Lego fans.

As well as the online version of their quarterly magazine, which in itself contains comics, contests, activities, kids’ own designs and spotlights on the newest LEGO models, the Lego Club website offers monthly models for kids to make with the Lego they have at home.

The latest model for October 2011 is a Tiger and it is easily one of my favorites so far.

Instructions for the model can be found here and while finding enough orange pieces might be an issue (with thousands of Lego pieces in our home we had about 1% orange colored bricks) kids can be pretty flexible when it comes to animal colors.

Lego Tiger Instructions - Lego Club

For more information on the Lego Club goto their website but be prepared to wait as sometimes their server is very busy (no doubt from all the millions of Lego fans checking out the content).

P.S And if you haven’t checked out the Official Lego Shop online lately you are in for a surprise as they have had a makeover!

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