Lego Deals This Week 23rd August

Lego Millennium FalconThe online stores have had a fairly slow week, Lego Deals wise, but we can expect that to heat up as more retailers compete for post back-to-school dollars.

I imagine this is the start of the build up towards Christmas for many toy retailers. As I am combing online stores daily for Lego deals I will pass on any specials or deals I find.

Lego At Amazon This Week is always an interesting place to look for Lego deals-though a bit temperamental.

The main issue is that a deal that comes up could last anything from a few hours to a few weeks; there is no rhyme or rule to Amazon’s discounts when it comes to Lego.

Despite this, Amazon have a great store with an awesome range of Lego sets. Their FREE shipping and excellent customer service is also one of the major reasons they are the kings of online retail.

Latest Amazon Lego Deals

  • If you have been following the posts on The Brick Life you may have noticed the “back and forth” availability of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011. It is now in stock but available at a marked up price from a third party.
  • The Star Wars 7565 Millennium Falcon is on sale – $139.99 $128.75 (8% off) with Free Shipping which is a great deal for this iconic (and large) Star Wars set.
  • The Lego Pet Shop Modular Building is available from Amazon (finally) at it’s RRP: $149.99 with Free Shipping. Previously only available at the Lego store or at third party seller at a marked up price.
  • The Lego Atlantis set, Gateway of the Squid is on steep discount – $39.99 $19.54 (51% or $20.45 off) with Free shipping (if you take your purchase up to $25).
  • Amazon is also discounting a number of the Lego Prince Of Persia sets. Even if your kids haven’t seen the movie these are fun sets with some nice pieces and good to pick up at a discount price.
  • Check out the Amazon Lego Bestsellers list to see if there are any other sets people are buying on sale.

This Week At Barnes And Noble

B&N Kids ClubBarnes and Noble is another of the kings of online retail but their approach to Lego is a little different.

They don’t carry a whole lot of stock and sets that come into stock today can disappear in hours. Having said that Barnes and Noble have a great Kids Club and coupon system where you can get 30% off an item of Lego and for every $100 you spend you receive a $5 voucher.

I have bought some wonderful deals this way and generally focus on buying my big Lego sets here, keeping an eye out for when the latest “big” sets appear.

Lego sets in stock at the moment and eligible for the 30% off include:

  • LEGO Republic Frigate 7964
  • LEGO Fire Temple 2507
  • LEGO Harbour 4645
  • LEGO Earth Defence HQ 7066
  • LEGO City Police Station 7498
  • LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest Scorpion Pyramid 7327
  • LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart’s Castle 4842
You simply join up for the Kids Club (free) then wait for an email which will include your coupon code then purchase a big Lego set at 30% off.

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