Lego Deals This Week 29th August

Star Wars Clone Turbo TankThis week Amazon’s seems to be discounting many of their Lego Star Wars sets which is great news if you want to get these sets to put away for Christmas.

On the surface the savings might not seem a lot compared to certain sellers on ebay but when you factor in the free shipping and reliable service, percentage-wise you come out on top.

On that note– I have become aware of a few scams on ebay that are targeting Star Wars Lego products, particularly the higher priced items. I won’t put the links here but if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you are unsure, check the feedback and also the value of the goods people have sold in the past. Sellers may  have 100% feedback but they could have received that rating merely for selling toothbrushes at 10 cents each over the last few weeks. This is very different from a seller who has earned positive feedback for selling Lego over a period of months and years.

Having been burned by ebay a number of times I am hyper-vigilant for scams which is why I prefer and recommend online stores (especially when they offer discounts!).

Lego Star Wars At Amazon

Here are just a few of the best savings as of this moment on Amazon

Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank On Sale For $91.99
(RRP is $119.99 so a savings of 23%)

Star Wars Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers On Sale For $71.24 
(RRP is $89.99 so a savings of 21%)

Star Wars Millennium Falcon On Sale For $121.52
(RRP is $139.99 so a saving of 13%)

Star Wars Republic Frigate On Sale For $108.65
(RRP is $119.99 so a savings of 9%)

The Lego Star Wars Bestsellers List at Amazon is a also great place to look for other bargains.

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