Lego Duplo – Set Guide And Reviews

Lego DuploLego Duplo is Lego, designed and created for toddlers and young children (Ages 18 months and over).

Lego Duplo has larger bricks than regular Lego. The bricks are are easier to put together and also take apart, so small hands can build their creations easily.

Lego Duplo is a very safe and rewarding toy for young children and can develop their hand eye co-ordination skills as well as their sense of creativity and imagination. Lego Duplo sets are perfect toys for young girls or boys and are often a stepping stone to larger and more complicated Lego sets.

You can find more information on basic Duplo kits for kids at our Duplo Blocks page.

Lego Duplo Sets 2011

Each year Lego releases a number of new Duplo sets, some as part of their Lego-brand themes (usually centered around a City or Town environment) and other sets as part of a licensing arrangement with Film or Television properties.

In 2011 major themes included Police, Hospital, Fire and Zoo sets and the range also featured licensed properties Winnie The Pooh and Pixar’s Cars (both Disney properties). There are also a number of basic Duplo Blocks sets that are starter sets or as a way to build up a collection of blocks

Lego Duplo Market PlaceLego Duplo LEGO Ville Town Sets

  • 5678 Policeman
  • 5679 Police Bike
  • 5680 Police Truck
  • 5681 Police Station
  • 5682 Fire Truck
  • 5683 Market Place
  • 5684 Car Transporter
  • 5685 Vet
  • 5695 Doctor’s Clinic
  • 5696 Car Wash
  • 5793 Nurse’s Car
  • 5794 Emergency Helicopter
  • Lego Duplo Cars5795 Big City Hospital
  • 6136 My First Zoo
  • 6137 My First Supermarket
  • 6138 My First Fire Station

Lego Duplo Pixar Cars 

  • 5817 Agent Mater
  • 5818 Luigi’s Italian Place
  • 5819 Tokyo Racing
  • 5828 Big Bentley
  • 5829 The Pit Stop

Lego Duplo Play With LettersLego Duplo General Blocks

  • 5748 Creative Building Kit
  • 5931 My First Lego Duplo Set
  • 6051 Play With Letters Set
  • 6052 My First Lego Duplo Vehicles Set
  • 6130 Green Tub Of Duplo

Lego Duplo Winnie The Pooh

  • 5945 Winnie The Pooh’s Picnic
  • Lego Duplo Winnie The Pooh5946 Tigger’s Expedition
  • 5947 Winnie The Pooh’s House

You can find the full range of Lego Duplo for 2011, including today’s Duplo Bestsellers at Amazon.

Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo is one of the best and long lasting children’s toys of our generation.

Duplo lasts and lasts and is made to the strictest safety regulations.

My son’s first Lego set was a Duplo set, a large farm that he received at age 2. He played with that set for over 8 years and his sister played with it as well. They both eventually graduated to regular Lego sets but in all honesty, if we didn’t have to pass the Duplo onto a friend because we were moving to a smaller house, they would still play with it 10 years on.

Kids like LegoDuplo because it is colorful and versatile.
Parents like Duplo because it is solid and it lasts.

Lego Duplo Bricks

If you have ever picked up a competing brand’s plastic building block, you will notice it is soft and pliable. Lego Duplo isn’t like that. It is strong, is almost impossible to break and is also colorfast. Our blocks kept their color for over 8 years, and were as vibrant as the day we bought them.

As a mother, Duplo was the one toy that lasted all through my children’s early years
It is the one toy I would purchase another child of similar age without thinking twice.

Duplo Development

Lego Duplo For Ages 18 months

Duplo allows very young children to safely explore and play. The blocks are colorful and appealing for young fingers and at this stage of their development children can work at stacking the bricks together and taking them apart again.

The Lego Duplo figures and animals allow children to play with remembering sounds and names.

Lego Duplo For Ages 2+

Lego Duplo grows with kids as their ability to create and imagine soars. After two kids are really starting to get hands on with the world and wanting toys that can help them learn while having fun. Creating things they see around them begins to replace simple stacking.

Duplo IngenuityLego Duplo For Ages 3+

As their understanding of the world increases, kids are starting to role-play. The Duplo bricks they know and love become more and more representations of the world they see around them, in their home, town or on TV.

Lego Duplo For Ages 4+

As mixing with other kids becomes a priority, Lego Duplo can help kids share and create together. Role playing is complemented by early creation and imagination of their own designs. With Duplo, the possibilities are endless.

Lego Duplo For Ages 5+

Duplo CreativityAnd as the posibilites grow, Lego Duplo enhances a child’s transition into school and the larger world of independence. Lego Duplo is compatible with regular-sized Lego pieces when a child is ready to move onto bigger sets.

Lego Duplo has been a part of my life for over 10 years and as a parent I will be forever grateful to Lego for creating such a quality product that my kids and I love.

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