Lego Festival Of Play

Lego Festival Of Play April – December 2012

Lego Festival Of PlayYesterday I received a copy of the Lego Collector’s Club magazine and inside was a promo card for an interesting event –  The Lego Festival Of Play.

Designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Lego Brick in Australia the event will take place over the months of April to December 2012.

As of April, there will be a website on the event at (though there is nothing there now) but there is little else about the event.

I did manage to find a page on the design of marketing for the event. Designer Andrew Guirguis, working for One Green Bean Ad Agency who handles Lego In Australia shared his inspiration for the look of the promotion.

Among the merchandise and posters is an invitation to an event called the Lego Forest, to be held at Circular Quay on the 8/6/12 .

Rest assured if anything else turns up about the Lego Festival Of Play I will let you know 🙂


  1. KvG on behalf of WvG says:

    Thanks for putting this on your site as I’ve been searching for details of the festival since getting the magazine as well. Look forward to hearing about any further information you find. Thanks again

  2. Kim Alldis says:

    Me and my 2 boys love lego and want to know what the festival of play is all about and how we can join in, where it will be etc. I’d like the organisors of this edvent to realise that there is a world of poeple hanging with baited breath – don’t rest on your lego lorals get the information to us. WE WANT IN. WE WANT LEGO.!!!!!!!

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