Lego Fire Temple Discount at Barnes And Noble

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 BoxAfter reviewing the Lego Fire Temple earlier this week I read (via Smashing Bricks blog) that they are available from Barnes And Noble now.

UPDATE: According to various Lego forums (Eurobricks, Brickset,etc) you can use the code A4N4M4V to receive a 30% discount on this and other sets!

If you aren’t aware of the advantages of shopping for Lego at Barnes And Noble, no matter where you are in the world, now would be a good time to see why many Lego fans worldwide choose to buy their big sets there.

For a start Barnes and Noble ship worldwide for a very low shipping cost.

Normally large lego sets cost in the vicinity of $50 to ship overseas.

Barnes and Noble ships Lego to most counties for around $15!

Lego Discounts

Then there are the discounts.

Barnes and Noble have a free Kid’s Club that allows you to take 30% off one item when you join-including Lego. For many overseas Lego buyers, 30% off the recommended US retail price is akin to having 50%-60% off their local price. If you combine that with low shipping and you can save hundreds on Lego sets (I have!).

Barnes And Noble also offer other codes periodically that greatly reduce the amount you pay on large Lego sets.

These are just some of the sets you can get for 30% off.


  1. Simon M says:

    Unfortunately, the Kids Club doesn’t work for all lego sets offered at B&N. Even though the webpage says “Kids Club Eligible”. Customer Service at B&N couldn’t tell me why the sets I was interested in weren’t eligible, and couldn’t tell me why they can’t/won’t remove the “Kids Club Eligible” notation on items that are not eligible.

    • Inger says:

      Hi Simon
      Yes they seemed to have changed a few things in the last month to reduce the Lego sets available for any of their offers (Kids Club, Coupons etc).
      It’s a shame as many will now just go to Amazon instead.
      Still it was a good deal while it lasted :0)

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