Lego Star Wars Jabbas Palace

Lego Jabba’s Palace 9515 On SALE at Amazon

Lego Star Wars Jabbas PalaceThe beautiful Lego Jabba’s Palace set is on sale at right now for $109.75 + Free shipping for locations in the US.

As the set is very new it is not widely available in the US (except for inflated prices) so this offer is a wonderful opportunity for families to get a hold of one of the best sets (if not the best!) sets of 2012.

With nine minfigures including many exclusive treasures, a beautifully designed palace (especially if you compare it to the previous Lego Jabba’s Palace set) it is great value for money.

Also, as playests are rather rare in the Star Wars Lego Universe (compared to vehicles), this is a set to treasure.

Check out the Amazon deal here.

Lego Star Wars Jabbas Palace

Rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt’s desert palace! 

At Jabba’s Palace™ on Tatooine, Princess Leia is disguised as Boushh as she and Chewbacca try to rescue the carbonite-frozen Han Solo.

Can she get past the roof-mounted missiles, defense guns and surveillance equipment to reach them? Or will Jabba and his motley band of followers capture the princess and entrap her beneath Jabba’s sliding throne?

• Includes 9 minifigures: Jabba, Salacious Crumb, Bib Fortuna, Gamorrean Guard, Oola, Han Solo, Princess Leia in Boushh outfit, Chewbacca and B’omarr Monk
• Features sliding throne with trap door and hidden treasure, entrance gate with movable guns, flick missile on detachable roof and detachable watchtower
• Also includes Han Solo in carbonite, handcuffs and Jabba’s water pipe
• Weapons include medium blaster, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, thermal detonator, axe and Boushh’s lance blade
• Jabba the Hutt features poseable head, body and arms!
• Avoid the trap door!
• Release Han from his carbonite prison!
• Jabba’s Palace™ measures over 9″ (25cm) high, 11″ (29cm) wide and 7″ (19cm) deep

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