Lego Lord Of The Rings Movie

Lego Lord Of the Rings Movie – Retold For Kids

Lego Lord Of The Rings MovieThe Lego Lord of the Rings Movie Videos give kids a way to become more involved with this new Lego theme, without parents having to cope with nightmares about giant spiders or warty orcs.

There can be no doubt the theme is a huge success with adults and kids alike but if you are familiar with the books by JRR Tolkien or the Peter Jackson films, then you are aware they are not exactly kid friendly.

The movies are a tad scary for younger children while the books are too wordy for attention spans under the age of 6 or so.

Thankfully Lego have begun retelling the essence of the Lord Of the Rings using cute and funny videos which impart the main elements of the story and characters as only Lego can do.

I don’t have permission to post Lego videos on my Youtube Channel (long story) but I’ve sourced them from other places on Youtube for you and will post more as they appear.

Lego Lord Of the Rings Movie Part 1

The first video introduces the Hobbits as well as their confrontation with the Dark Riders.

Lego Lord Of the Rings Movie Part 2

The second video takes up the story after the Fellowship depart from Rivendell and joins them as they journey through the Mines Of Moria. It concludes with Gandalf’s iconic battle with the Balrog.

Lego Lord Of the Rings Movie Part 3

Members of the Fellowship are attacked at Helm’s Deep by gift-bearing Uruk Hai.

Lego Lord Of the Rings Movie Part 4

The conclusion – From the treachery of Gollum to the destruction of the ring, the Lord Of the Rings never looked cuter.

Lego LOTR Movies

The videos are hilarious and endearing, great for kids. Obviously they miss out on a large chunk of the story – characters seem to come and go without explanation, but the overall feel of the books are conveyed without any of the gritty bits.

For older children, the upcoming Lego Lord Of the Rings Video Game will allow for greater absorption into the story and fill in some of the gaps.

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