Lego Master Builder Academy Kit 2 Arrives!

Lego Master Builder Academy Kit 2After I bought the Lego Master Builder Academy Kit 1 I immediately signed up to receive the rest of the kits by subscription.

I have been working through the first kit and enjoying the experience and yesterday I received the second kit in the mail.

Unlike kit 1, the Lego Master Builder Academy Kit 2 doesn’t come in a box but is shipped in a padded bag, the pieces in a Lego plastic bag and the instruction book loose.

I was concerned initially about their condition when they arrived, but the kit arrived in perfect condition and looks just as good as kit 1.

While the color scheme is the same as the first kit, the focus of  this one is Micro building, a technique that I have been fascinated with for some time but a little intimidated by.

I know this kit will be a great way to get me past my trepidation and onto building some awesome tiny sculptures.

I will post more about the first two kits as I go through them myself and share them with my son.

Personally I think these kits are great for kids and their parents. What better way to connect with your kids than through building and learning about Lego?

What about you?

Let me know what your thoughts are about the Lego Master Builder Academy; for yourself and your kids.


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