Lego Moleskine Notebooks

Lego Moleskine Journals Available Now

Lego Moleskine NotebooksThe Lego Moleskine Journals are available now (or soon to be released) in most countries worldwide.

The Moleskine brand is famous for creating high quality journals and notebooks for doodling, sketching, writing poetry and just about any other creative endeavor you can perform with paper.

Numerous famous (and many more non-famous) artists and writers have used the journals for decades, right back to Hemingway himself.

Now the company has partnered with Lego to create a series of limited edition notebooks with exclusive screen printed images, sticker sheets and lego bricks to attach to the cover.

The new books come with the motto “Think With Your Hands” printed on the inside cover as motivation and the fun feel of these notebooks can be seen in a video released by Moleskine (see below).

If you are wondering about the price, rest assured these are high quality journals. I use the brand frequently for writing (mainly the Cahier style) and the feel of the books, from cover to paper inside is unlike any other journal I have used.

Still unsure? Needless to say you can also get them at a heavy discount from Amazon 🙂

Lego Moleskine Journals

Lego Moleskine Journal

A new hacked limited edition where Moleskine® meets LEGO® 

The legend of LEGO® bricks joins the legendary notebook. The new limited edition hacks the classic Moleskine® notebook by embedding a LEGO plate into the iconic black cover. This limited edition pays tribute to all of the former kids who believe in the importance of playfulness in their everyday grown-up lives.

Moleskine Notebooks and LEGO® bricks are both design icons and creative platforms, for kids and for grown-ups.

This LEGO® limited edition is the latest in a series of limited editions that plays with pop icons of our times, including: Woodstock, Pac-Man, Petit Prince, and Star Wars.

The LEGO® collection offers four different formats: Ruled and Plain Notebooks both in pocket and large sizes. The cover is debossed, silkscreened, and different color LEGO plates are built in each of the four models of the notebooks. Inside: a printed themed flyleaf, an inner pocket, a color-coordinated bookmark, and 10 adhesive labels representing LEGO bricks and LEGO men to personalize your records and pages.

Lego Moleskine Notebook RangeMoleskine LEGO Notebooks 
Ruled Notebook Large
Debossing and a real black LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, silkscreen on the flyleaf.

Ruled Notebook Pocket
Debossing, yellow silkscreen and a real yellow LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, colour coordinated bookmark, silkscreen on the flyleaf.

Plain Notebook Large
Debossing, red silkscreen and a real red LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, color coordinated bookmark, silkscreen on the flyleaf.

Plain Notebook Pocket
Green silkscreen and a real green LEGO® plate on the cover, adhesive labels, color coordinated bookmark silkscreen on the flyleaf.

The Lego Moleskine Journals are available at and ship worldwide.

Lego Moleskine Journal Video

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