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Lego Monster Fighters Videos and Game

Lego Monster FightersLego Monster Fighters is an upcoming theme for release in Summer 2012.

Check out our Lego Monster Fighters page for more details.

These new Lego Monster Fighter Videos explain the story behind the theme as well as offer an introduction to some of the main characters including Frank Rock, Jack McHammer, Ann Lee, Major Quniton Steele and Dr Rodney Rathbone.

Lego Monster Fighters

The theme involves the evil mastermind Lord Vampire who wants to turn day into eternal night, unleashing the land of monsters into our world.

Dr Rodney Rathbone has put together a team of monster fighters to claim back all the moonstones and stop this tide of monsters from taking over the world.

Looks pretty creepy – But in a fun way!

The sets so far look to draw from the popular steam-punk style and incorporates classic monsters including Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Swamp Creature, Werwolf, Crazy Scientists, Ghouls and Ghosts.

Thanks to Smashing Bricks for the videos.

Lego Monster Fighters Videos

The Story Of Lego Monster Fighters

LEGO Monster Fighters – Jack McHammer

LEGO Monster Fighters – Ann Lee

LEGO Monster Fighters – Major Quinton Steele

LEGO Monster Fighters – Frank Rock

LEGO Monster Fighters – Dr Rodney Rathbone

The Monster Fighters theme will also feature a mobile phone game (out in June) and you can check out more information, games and downloads on the official Lego minisite.

Lego Monster Fighters Articles

Lego Monster Fighters will be out mid-year and we will feature more news as the release date approaches.

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