Ninjago Fire Temple

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple At 45% Off – Worldwide Shipping

Ninjago Fire TempleAmazon UK is offering the beautiful Lego Ninjago Fire Temple set 2507 for a staggering 46% off the UK Retail Price (£91.99 down to £49.99) and the great thing is it ships overseas!

Ninjago Fire Temple

This set is a personal favorite of my family’s – my kids both saved up to buy this set for themselves and it now takes pride of place on their display shelves.

As Ninjago has been a big winner for Lego you can expect the theme to continue for another year or so but this set is getting close to being superseded – so if you don’t have the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple yet this may be a great opportunity to get one (or a few) at a fantastic price.

Shipping Costs

You may be curious about the shipping costs…

I ordered 5 of these beauties and the total shipping came to just 28 pounds for International Express shipping. Shipping to the US and Canada is even less!

As I live overseas, VAT tax was also removed (a further 16.7% off).

This makes the Amazon UK deal on the Ninjago Fire Temple the best price around for not only those in Europe but also Australia, the US and Canada, Japan, New Zealand and just about any other country in the world.

As shipping is so reasonable you might also want to check out the other deals at Amazon UK though not all sets ship overseas.

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple Commercial


  1. Inger says:

    Hey Ron
    The price has gone up because Amazon have sold out themselves.
    It is now shipping from a store that sells their products through Amazon, The Brick Loft.
    This also explains why it won’t ship overseas anymore.
    Amazon may get more in though so keep an eye out-we’ll update the blog if anything changes too.

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