Lego Passenger Train

The Lego Passenger Train is the most popular of the Lego Train sets with families because it is simple and fun.

Based on metro line passenger trains that ferry commuters into the city, the Lego Passenger Train comes in a bright red color and is controlled by an infrared remote control device that does not require any wires.

Why We Like It: The Lego Passenger Train is a relatively low priced remote control device that can add another element to an already established Lego City layout. Parents will enjoy the clean “no-wires” approach while kids will enjoy the power functions elements and the ability to customize the train.

Lego Passenger Train

  • Our Rating:
  • Recommended Retail Price: $129.99 (slightly higher now as being phased out)
  • Piece Count: 669
  • Price Per Piece: 19.4 cents per piece
  • Minifigures Included: 3 (train driver and 2 passengers)
  • Notable Set Elements: Train engine with opening cockpit and 2 passenger cars, LEGO Power Functions battery box, train motor, infrared receiver and 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control, 1 traffic light, train station, 16 curved track pieces and 16 flexible track pieces.
  • Measurements: Train measures 27″ (69cm)

Notes For Parents:

  • No wires which makes it safe for children.
  • Uses Battery-heavy remote control and engine.
  • We suggest rechargeable batteries.
  • Track layout will require space if it is to remain set up when not in use (recommended).

Lego Passenger Train Review

The Lego Passenger Train is one of those sets that most fans of Lego will have at one point in their collecting lifetime.

As a child I had one of the earlier versions that you had to push around. As soon as my son was old enough I bought him one of these battery operated remote control versions which he has enjoyed for the last five or so years.

As a parent one of the most essential things I would like to point out if you are considering purchasing a train for your child is to make some space for it.

A train track is a large and fiddly thing and to be truly enjoyed needs to remain “set-up” at all times. If you don’t have a tabletop to dedicate to the train then consider a large board you can slide under a bed. It will truly enhance you and your child’s enjoyment of this set tenfold.

Wireless Fun

With the integration of the Lego Power Functions and remote control system to their train theme, Lego have effectively cut the lower edge of their recommended age by about three years.

Older sets in this theme had to be plugged into a mains socket and had wires all over the place.

With this new configuration there are no wires and so younger children can be left to play without threat of harm.

The remote has 4 channels so you can theoretically control four separate trains at any one time and the seven speeds as well as reverse makes for some spectacular crashes on turns – not that we are encouraging this :0)

The remote and the engine use batteries so a rechargeable battery system would be recommended to save your grocery bill and help the environment.

Fun And Educational Factors

The Lego Passenger Train is fun – pure and simple.

If you have room to keep it set up, the Lego train will take pride of place in any Lego city layout.

Having a city with roads is one thing but once you start introducing a motorized element, it becomes a dynamic and constantly moving place where kids will learn about how to manage different spatial elements and priorities, both from a structural and town-planning perspective.

The Lego Passenger Train teaches kids about motion, speed, remote controls, organization and so much more. You can make it into a home assignment if you want or simply sit back and see what your kids create in their own city.

Where To Purchase

Available on Amazon or ebay.

The train is being phased out in 2011 so prices are currently above retail.

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