Lego Table – A Guide To Buying or Building Your Own

If your child likes Lego then one way you can enhance their enjoyment of playing and creating is with a Lego Table.

Why A Lego Table?

Defined Area

Lego is a toy that tends to spread far and wide so to keep the rest of the house relatively Lego-Free, it can often help to have a dedicated space to keep it contained.

This way, kids know where their Lego is to be kept and likewise, parents know that that area is off limits to roving vacuum cleaners.

A table that is created for the sole purpose of Lego play is a great option as it not only contains the Lego but also defines a space for kids to keep their Lego models and structures built, without fear of them being smashed or packed away when they aren’t looking.

Kids Point Of View

A Lego table tends to be at a child’s height.

Having Lego in the floor is great but nothing beats being able to sit up and play with something at eye level.

When we created a table for our son to use for his Lego he was delighted and spent just about every waking hour sitting on his knees constructing various buildings in a city he had created.

Since the table was off the floor he could zoom cars through the city streets, following them at a street level point of view.

He could spend hours building multi-level buildings knowing that he wouldn’t have to move them because they had a special place where no-one would touch them.


Another advantage of having a Lego table is that the area underneath provides the perfect spot for storing Lego boxes and spare models your child is not using at the time.

On our Lego table, this storage area kept the Lego tidier and was a great use of space. We often had a mat next to the table so our son could spread his Lego out on it. Sometimes we introduced another, smaller table which allowed for a separate modelling area adjacent to his city.

It also meant he could practice building Lego bridges across the span between the two tables :0)

Lego Table: Build Or Buy?

When it comes to choosing a table that is suitable for Lego the major decision is build or buy?

We built out own table. We did this for a number of reasons, none of which would suit our present living arrangement.

When we built this table we lived in a larger house and had access to left-over building materials that could be easily put together to make a rough looking table. It was primitive but it worked.

Now however, we live in a small city apartment and that table just wouldn’t suit our home.

Build Your Own

If you want to build your own there are a few things to consider:

  • You can buy a regular table and convert it to a Lego table or construct your own
  • You can stick Lego base plates on the surface or leave it smooth
  • If you do stick the base plates on make sure the studs on the separate plates line up so bricks can be placed across them

Buying a Lego Table

There are some great Lego activity tables around from both the official Lego brand and other toy companies.

We checked out the options and came up with a list of the most popular.

1. Imaginarium LEGO Activity Table and Chair Set

UPDATE: This listed model is out of stock but they have a new one or you can try this alternative (also solid wood).

This is my favorite bought-table for Lego.It is made of solid, high quality wood rather than MDF and looks great. It isn’t that big though so if you have an older child who wants to go into city-planning with their Lego then this is not the best option.

  • Double-sided table allows twice the fun: one side features LEGOT building tiles, and the other is smooth
  • Seats 2 children
  • This set is crafted using high-quality wood
  • Mesh drawers are attached for easy clean-up
  • Includes 1 table, 2 chairs and assembly instructions.

2. Lego Play Table

UPDATE: Sadly this table is now unavailable.

Lego Play TableThe official Lego table is pretty cool. It has some beautiful decals on the side. The top is split in two so you can push the Lego into the drawer that sits underneath the table surface.

The surface is plain blue and smooth and doesn’t come with base plates but a play mat. Either way it is a great surface to build on and you can attach base plates as required.

Like most kids furniture today it is made of “wood” which in this case means particle board. The Imaginarium table above is the only solid wood Lego table I could find and the other below are MDF.

  • 29.5 x 14.2 x 32.7 inches
  • Lift out panel allows easy cleanup – just simply push bricks through hole into drawer below
  • Flat surface at kid-friendly height perfect for creative building
  • Includes felt Lego themed playmat
  • Assembly required
  • Durable wooden construction

3.Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

Melissa And Doug PlaytableA generic play table that can be used to place Lego baseplates on top of. Quality is a little rough but if is going to sit in the corner of a playroom it is a nice size for the price. Made of MDF not solid wood.

Product description: With its large 32 1/8″ x 48 1/8″ double-sided play board, this easy-to-assemble, sturdy wooden play table is ideal for trains, dollhouses, arts & crafts projects, blocks, puzzles and more.

In addition to the double-sided play board, there is a jumbo-sized drawer for convenient storage. Share hours of fun with your child!

Dimensions: 17.75″ x 33″ x 50″ Assembled Playboard surface: 32 1/8″ x 48 1/8″ Recommended Ages: 3+ years. Warning: This product contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard to children. Adult assembly required.

4. KidKraft Lego Compatible 2 in 1 Activity Table

This is a multi-purpose table better suited to kids who also like Thomas/Brio trains as well and aren’t totally committed to Lego. The table surface is Lego-compatible baseplates on one side and a railway layout on the other.

Also available in a dark color.

  • Kidkraft Lego TableDimension of Table: 25L x 23W x 16H
  • Dimension of Playboard: 24L x 20W
  • Finish: Multi Color
  • Material: Wood
  • Multi Color Kid’s 2-in-1 Activity Table With Board
  • Our 2-in-1 Activity Table with LEGO*-Compatible Board is a fun gift idea for any young, imaginative child.
  • The table will fit in any room of the house and parents are sure to love how it keeps playtime off the floor.
  • Item include:
  • 200 LEGO compatible blocks
  • 30-piece train set
  • Melamine-coated play board and train table
  • T-molded edges prevent chipping

What are your experiences with a Lego Table – Does a table make your child’s Lego collection more manageable?


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