Lego Technic – Set Guide And Reviews

Lego TechnicLego Technic sets are a little different from regular Lego sets in that they focus on technical aspects of construction and design rather than play.

Based on a system of beams that connect with small connector pegs and then move with axles and cogs,  the sets are more complicated to build than regular sets, take more time and concentration so are generally aimed at older Lego fans.

Technic sets are perfect for tweens and teens who may have played with Lego when they were younger but have become more interested in detailed design and construction rather than imagination and role play.

The sets are wonderful tools to teach the essence of mechanical design and engineering concepts.

Lego UnimogLego Technic Sets 2011

Lego Technic

Lego Technic is one of the oldest Lego themes.

The first set of this particular style was released in 1977 under the banner of “Expert Builder”. Due to the success of the sets the Lego Group then renamed the theme “Technic” in 1984 and started releasing the sets on a regular basis with an emphasis on cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Lego Technic Unimog InstructionsTechnic sets are highly detailed and generally based on actual existing vehicles like the Mercedes Benz Unimog (pictured). The sets are constructed using beams that connect together with small connector pegs. Early Technic sets used Lego brick beams with holes in the side but modern technic sets use “studless construction” beams.

The models often come with moving parts and this dynamic movement is achieved using axles and cogs. The sets are sometimes motorized using a Lego motor, more recently the Power Functions mechanism, while others utilize pneumatics elements.

Constructing Lego Technic sets generally takes more time and concentration due to the need to connect the beams using the small connector pegs.

As the sets also integrate movement into the model’s design the instructions are often more complicated than regular Lego sets (see picture).

Lego Technic in Other Lego Themes

Apart from the main Lego Technic theme, Lego has sometimes used the Technic components in other themes including Ben 10 and Star Wars but the sets are few and far between.

Lego ‘s Robotics theme, Lego Mindstorms, also uses a large number of the Technic pieces and concepts in it’s construction.

Lego Technic continues to be a strong theme for the Lego company and each year larger and more complex models are released to challenge and inspire mechanics and engineering aficionados.

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