Lego Train Reviews

Lego TrainThe Lego Train sets are recurring favorites with kids and adults.

Combining a child’s love of trains with their attraction to Lego makes this theme hard to beat.

The Lego Train system has been around since 1965 so it is one of the earliest themes in the Lego range. While the first trains were quite simple and used only a child’s pushing power to make them go, modern Lego Train sets are powered by remote control.

With a range of accessories including train stations, regular and switch track, crossings, cargo carriages and more Lego trains can provide hours of play at a time.

Make Room For The Train

One thing you will probably require before setting out to make a Lego train set is space.

Like most model and scale trains, the Lego track needs to be fitted together piece by piece, so moving this to store after each session’s play then taking it out again is not preferable.

You will want to provide a dedicated space for the train track layout, preferably on a table where it won’t get stepped on or knocked. If you don’t have that kind of room opt for a large piece of firm (but no too heavy) ply that can accommodate the track layout – stick some pieces of felt on one side of the board if you are concerned about scratching the floor.

Assemble the track and surrounding buildings as required then slide it under a bed or similar for storage. This leaves the intricate construction that your child has spent hours putting together, in tact. At the next opportunity for play kids can pull it out again and be ready to play within moments.

Another thing to keep in mind is the layout of the track itself.

Lego being what it is, the train layout will also encourage further construction around, under and over the track. Always make sure the way you set up the train track allows for tunnels, buildings, roads and crossings to be built around it. This will increase the fun and therefore the longevity of the train.

Best Lego Train Sets

Lego trains are released on a regular basis and it is rare not to find one in stock at online suppliers. Generally, there are two major releases – A city passender train and a city cargo train.

We take a look at the best available Lego Train sets.