Our Parents Lego Manual is full of essential articles for parents about Lego and how to make the most of it in your family.

If you are new to Lego or simply want a place to get a grip on your child’s growing interest in lego then you will find some great articles here.

Lego Resources For Parents

A Guide To Lego Sets

A Guide To Duplo

Make the Most of Your Child’s Lego Collection

Beyond Lego Bricks

Lego Books

Lego Movies To Watch (& Make)

Managing and Storing Lego

  • Lego Storage Guide – Tips and Tools to Help Stop the “Lego Mess”
  • Lego Table– Our Guide To Buying Or Building
  • Lego Zipbins – A convenient and portable way to store and play for small Lego collections

Lego Education

Other Lego Resources


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