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Lego 2013 – First Sneak Peek Image?

Rumors and leaked images for the Lego 2013 sets are starting to appear on the web, but in the mail today I received my first Official Sneak Peek of what is to come courtesy of the last Lego Club Magazine for 2012.

On the back page of the September -December 2012 Magazine was a curious question mark image with a transparent sphere containing crystals inside, super-imposed on the question mark’s “dot”.

I’m not very adept at explaining things like this and a picture can say so much more…

What do you think?

Lego 2013 Image 1

Of course I’ve heard the rumors of a Lego Ice/Arctic theme (Speedorz?) being launched in 2013…could this be a hint of that theme or is there something else to be read into it?

Let me know what you think, or what you have heard.