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Lego Minifigures Series 7 Bag

Lego Minifigures Series 7 – Images and Details

Lego Minifigures Series 7 BagThe cast of Lego Minifigures Series 7 are starting to show their cute plastic faces in various locations all over the world.

UPDATE: You can now purchase boxes of Series 7 on Amazon France (for worldwide shipping) at a great price.

Each time a new wave of these figures comes out we think they are the best yet and it’s starting to become a cliche. But I have to say this series is looking pretty amazing…

My personal favorites?

  • Bunny Suit Guy (I mean how can you not love someone dressed up in a bunny suit? Unless it’s Frank from Donnie Darko…)
  • The computer programmer’s cup and laptop
  • Ocean King – we needed a beautiful Lego merman
  • Aztec Warrior – wow! It’s just…Wow!

Here at the Brick Life, we recently had the privilege of meeting the members of this latest series of Lego Collectible Minifigures.

Here’s what we found out about each highly unique character.

Lego Minifigures Series 7

Aztec Warrior

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Aztec“No, you can’t have our gold! Go find your own!”

A mighty soldier of the sun, the Aztec Warrior is one of the fierce Eagle Knights of the legendary Aztec Empire.

Protected by his feathered shield and beaked helmet, he battles for the glory of his empire from sunrise to sunset, never stopping for food or rest as long as there are enemies to capture and the sun shines bright in the sky.

And there certainly are plenty of enemies! For some reason, people are always trying to steal the empire’s gold.

Sure, it’s pretty and you can make it into some nice, shiny weapons and armor, but the Aztec Warrior doesn’t really get what the big deal is with the stuff.

Sometimes he wishes the invaders would only come at night so some other warriors could deal with them instead!

Our Rating: 5/5
(Best figure of the set. Stunning colors, printing and accessories)


Lego Minifigures Series 7 Bagpiper“And here’s a little ditty my ol’ granddad taught me!”Bagpiping runs in the Bagpiper’s blood.His father played the bagpipes, and so did his grandfather, his great-grandfather and their grandfathers before them, all the way back to the day the beloved musical instrument first arrived in Scotland.He’s played his pipes for weddings, marches, wrestling matches and haggis-eating contests (he’s also played them at chess tournaments and libraries, but for some reason his enthusiastic performances didn’t go over so well then).Other musical styles may come and go, but the Bagpiper knows in his heart that the bagpipes will last forever!

Our Rating: 5/5
(Beautiful. Just need some black pudding and a caber)

The Bride

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Bride

“I do!”

The Bride has been busy getting ready for her big day!

All of the invitations have been sent out, the floral arrangements are arranged, the banquet is prepared and the facilities are perfect.

The cake has just the right number of layers, her gown and veil are as beautiful as she always dreamed they would be, and the groom looks so handsome in his tuxedo and bow tie.

Everything is ready…now the wedding just needs to go off without any problems! What if a guest is allergic to the salad, or somebody drops the cake, or a swarm of bees goes after the flowers, or alien attack-bots crash in the middle of the ceremony?

There’s so much that could go wrong today – here’s hoping it all works out!

Our Rating: 3/5
(It’s OK. I think it could have been better though)

Bunny Suit Guy

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Bunny Suit Guy“What kind of noise does a bunny make, anyway?”

Hippity-hop! Hippity-hop! Here he comes, hopping down the lane – it’s the happy, jolly Bunny Suit Guy!

He’s got the whole outfit: the fuzzy white costume, the tall flappy ears, and even a big orange carrot to carry around.

And what made him decide to dress up like a bunny? He has absolutely no idea!

As far as the Bunny Suit Guy knows, he’s always been the Bunny Suit Guy. He’s not entirely sure what a Bunny Suit Guy is or does, but he’s determined to do the best job of it that he possibly can.

As far as he can tell, that means hopping around, eating carrots and making people smile. Fortunately, the Bunny Suit Guy is good at all three!

Our Rating: 5/5
(Love. Love. Love. This.Figure.)


Lego Minifigures Series 7 Daredevil“Stunts are easy…it’s all the other stuff that takes nerves of steel!”

No matter the stunt, no matter the danger, the dashing Daredevil risks it all for each and every spectacular show.

Flaming hoops, long-distance canyon jumps and giant stomp-powered launchers are a breeze for this fearless fellow, who always keeps his cool in even the most perilous situations.

It’s the normal, everyday situations that give him pause. Driving a motorcycle at full speed up a ramp and over a dozen garbage trucks is no problem – but buying stamps at the post office? Yikes!

He’ll waterski blindfolded through a school of snapping cyber-sharks, but don’t ask him to find the beans at the grocery store, or he’ll run away screaming. It looks like the daring Daredevil has definitely picked the right line of work!

Our Rating: 4/5
(He’s cute. Love the hair!)

Evil Knight

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Evil Knight“Surrender…to whichever boss I’m taking orders from today!”

The Evil Knight loves nothing better than looting, pillaging and laying waste to peaceful kingdoms. He’s worked for all of the big baddies over the years, from Basil the Bat Lord to Cedric the Bull.

He even once spent a memorable summer as one of Vladek’s mystical Shadow Knights, and was delighted that he got to keep his glowing red eyes afterwards.

Some bad guys take up villainy for money, and others for power or land, but the Evil Knight just likes being a wicked henchman.

As long as he has a suit of spiky black armor, a sword and orders to cause trouble for a noble king or an innocent village, he’ll be happy to smash things up until somebody tells him to stop.

In fact, he’s been part of so many evil armies that he sometimes forgets who he’s working for at the moment!

Our Rating: 3/5
(Sure he looks evil…It’s the red eyes. Probably has a funny accent too..)

Computer Programmer

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Computer Programmer“Hello, World.”

Other computer whizzes can argue all they like about what kind of computer or operating system is the best one – the Computer Programmer knows that the only way to be a real expert is to master all of them.

He knows everything there is to know about computers and how to use them, from the biggest old-time mainframes to the tiniest next-generation nanotech prototypes, and he’s always glad to share his expertise with anyone who needs his help – which is just about everyone eventually!

He can debug a server in ten seconds flat, track down and wipe out even the toughest viruses, recover data from completely melted hard drives, and yes, he will help you set up your e-mail signature.

In his spare time, he programs his own video games, catches up on the latest posts in his favorite web forums, and hangs out with his pet robo-cat. When you’re a skilled Computer Programmer, the future is always today!

Our Rating: 4/5
(So love the cup and the laptop. Still, I didn’t think programmers looked like that anymore)


Lego Minifigures Series 7 Hippie“Make LEGO® models, not war!”

The friendly, good-natured Hippie loves everything in the entire world. Rain and shine, day and night, puppies and kittens – they all bring a happy smile to his face.

With a fashion sense that hasn’t changed since the Sixties, he never stays in the same place for long, preferring to roam across city and countryside alike, stopping only to smell the flowers and spread his simple message of peace, love and LEGO bricks.

As a pioneer of the Free-Building movement, the Hippie rejects all building instructions. Instead, he believes that true creativity lies in making a big pile of your bricks and putting them together in whatever way most inspires your imagination.

According to him, it’s the ultimate groovy way to reveal your true inner soul as a builder!

Our Rating: 4/5
(Very Groovy. Can see him hanging out with the lego bus, Fillmore, from Cars)

Ocean King

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Ocean King“Beware the wrath of the lord of the seas – and no splashing in the pool!”

Ruler of a vast underwater kingdom, the Ocean King is the master of all the world’s seas. His enchanted trident gives him absolute control of the waves and tides, and woe to any sailor who dares to anger him!

Fortunately, he’s easily appeased by rare treats from the surface world, and a cookie or pizza slice (no anchovies, please!) left in just the right tide pool will usually ensure a smooth and tranquil ocean voyage.

Just make sure it’s the proper kind of gift. The Ocean King doesn’t take kindly to people who drop litter into his deep blue domain, and he’s been known to summon raging storms and whirlpools if he’s having a bad day, or even just a mild headache.

It might sound like an overreaction, but you try wearing a crown made of pointy gold shells all the time and see how calm you feel!

Our Rating: 5/5
(Love it. Looks like Ariel’s dad from The Little Mermaid)

Grandma Visitor (Red Riding Hood)

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Red Riding Hood“Tra-la-la!”

The sweet little Grandma Visitor is skipping through the woods to pay a call on her dear old granny.

With her fine red hood and a basket full of tasty treats, she’s sure she won’t run into any wicked wolves…or bands of forest bandits…or giant spiders…or nasty ogres…say, what was that noise over there behind that tree?

Goodness, is that a raincloud up in the sky? Maybe this isn’t the very best day for a stroll outdoors. The woods do seem a little chilly, and it would be such a shame if she were to catch a cold.

Besides, her grandmother has a whole pantry full of food already, not to mention a brand-new microwave oven. Yes, staying inside today sounds like a very good idea.

She’ll try again tomorrow – and next time, she’ll bring some friends along for back-up!

Our Rating: 5/5
(Cute-toughness personified – not sure about “Grandma Visitor” though…)

Rocker Girl

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Rocker Girl“I’m the best and I know it!”

Whatever you may say about the punky, pink-haired Rocker Girl, you can’t ever call her humble! From her clothes to her music, she goes through life with complete confidence in herself.

She knows she looks and sounds awesome up there on stage with smoke and lasers flashing all around, and she lives for the way the crowd roars with excitement when she starts playing that next power chord.

The Rocker Girl’s unshakeable self-confidence has always been her greatest strength. No matter what troubles she faces – cancelled shows, electrical failures and bad cases of rockin’ pneumonia – she always powers right on through, knowing that her next performance will be the greatest one yet.

And the best thing of all is that she’s right!

Our Rating: 3/5
(Preferred the mowhawk on the Rocker guy)

Galaxy Patrol

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Galaxy Patrol“No outer-space menace escapes the Galaxy Patrol!”

The members of the Galaxy Patrol are an elite squadron of deep-space heroes who are dispatched to the most remote and dangerous sectors of the galaxy to fight cosmic evil wherever it appears.

With their heavy-duty space armor and helmet-mounted tactical computers, they’ve got the gear, the training and the attitude to always get the mission done.

To join the Galaxy Patrol, you’ve got to be as tough as space-nails, able to resist the mind-control powers of a Pluuvian Brain-Beast, and capable of holding your breath in vacuum for at least 42 quarkoids.

Most recruits wash out, but the ones that are left are the best of the best, ready to defend the universe from interstellar threats of any and every kind – no matter how many eyes, claws and tentacles they may have!

Our rating: 5/5
(This will be a very popular figure!)

Swimming Champion

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Swimming Champion“It’s all in the kicking!”

When you’re as accomplished a swimmer as the Swimming Champion is, you’ve got to work hard to find newer and bigger challenges for yourself.

After all, once you’ve won the gold medal in every competitive swimming event around the world, what else is there to do but start making up your own extreme aquatic sports?

Her quest to find new ways to test her limits has taken the Swimming Champion from iceberg-pushing matches at the North Pole to penguin racing in Antarctica.

She’s swum her way across every ocean, lake and sea you can name, and no one’s been able to beat her for time or distance. Some people say she must be part fish, but the Ocean King swears she isn’t…though he’s definitely her number one fan!

Our Rating: 4/5
(More accessories  would have made this unbeatable. Still, it’s an Olympic year)

Jungle Boy

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Jungle Boy“Oooo-aaaa-oooo-aaaa-ouch!”

Growing up in the jungle isn’t as easy as you might think – just ask the Jungle Boy! Being raised by a family of chimpanzees seems like a lot of fun, but you sure do end up eating a lot of bugs.

And swinging around on vines sounds great until you realize how slippery they are and how far down the ground is. Yep, the jungle life might be full of fresh air and freedom, but it’s also full of scrapes and bruises a-plenty.

It’s neat to be able to speak the languages of the beasts, but it’s not like they have anything really interesting to say…plus, talking to a leopard doesn’t keep it from trying to eat you.

And do you know how hard it is to check your text messages way out here? All things considered, after a few more nights of sleeping in trees with nothing but a loincloth for warmth, the Jungle Boy might just start thinking about moving back to civilization!

Our Rating: 4/5
(Tarzan to Jane. Another cute monkey)

Tennis Ace

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Tennis Ace“Wham! And there it goes!”

Some minifigures train hard all their lives to be good at their chosen sport…and then there’s the Tennis Ace.

Where other tennis players might wait for the ball to come to them, he hurls himself toward it with all his strength, swinging his racket around wildly. Instead of carefully aiming the ball, he hits it in any random direction and hopes it lands inside the court’s lines.

It’s not the most traditional way to play, and yet somehow it manages to work. Despite a complete lack of strategy, patience and timing, the Tennis Ace just keeps moving up in the rankings.

Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s well-hidden natural talent and maybe it’s sheer gusto, but whatever it is, it sure does drive the other players crazy when he wins!

Our Rating: 3/5
(A few more accessories would have bene nice)

Viking Woman

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Viking woman“Now that the fight is over, it is time to sing!”

When danger threatens the village, it’s up to every Viking to help out, and the Viking Woman has proven herself to be one of the greatest warriors of them all.

Stalwart and strong, she stands with sword and shield raised, ready to face and fight off any army or monster – or army of monsters – that dares to attack the wooden walls.

Even after the battle, the Viking Woman’s talent continues to shine. As the keeper of the village’s lore, she knows all the great poems and ballads of her people, and can belt them out in truly impressive song.

With each battle won, she adds another verse, so that the triumphs of her clan will be remembered down throughout history!

Our Rating: 4/5
(The helmet/hair is awesome)

Lego Minifigures Series 7 Image Gallery

The Lego Minifigures Series 7 figures are out now but will be available in most stores come May 2012. You can buy full, sealed boxes at Amazon France (worldwide shipping) for a great discount.