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Lego Friends Board Game Activity Sheet

The latest issue of the Lego Club Magazine came with a mini Friends Special Edition¬†– which was shipped only to female club members ūüėČ

Knowing that there are some male members of the Lego community who have an interest in Lego Friends (shock!) I thought I might post a few of the goodies found inside this little gem.

First up is a Lego Friends Board Game which uses a standard 2×4 brick as a die to move players around the board and help the girls answer questions about the numerous animals that inhabit Heartlake City (turtles, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, bunnies).

It is a cute game and a fun way for younger players to find out more about animals.

Lego Friends Animal Fact Board Game

Click the image below to make it bigger then print out a copy to play!


This game was featured in the Issue 1 2013 Edition of the Lego Magazine РSpecial Edition.

Lego Magazine

Each quarter Lego comes out with a terrific magazine for fans. It is full of articles, images, comics and games and it is FREE!

You can sign up for the Lego magazine if you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and NZ (AUS and NZ have initial payment of $19.95 and then it is free from then on).

You can find more activities on our Lego Parent’s Manual Page


Lego Castle Mystery 2 | Lego Activity Sheet

We’ve been scouring through the numerous Lego activities and resources available (generally offline) to put together a collection of Lego activity sheets for young Lego fans.

This post features the second activity from Dorling Kindersley’s The¬†Lego Castle Mystery¬†book.

The book is a puzzle story book (part of a series published in the late 1980’s) and is based around the Lego Castle theme.

The Lego Castle Mystery allows young Lego fans to read through the story, and solve puzzles in order to help the young heroes Gilbert and Mathilde save a medieval castle from the evil wizard Vermicus.

The vocabulary is aimed at intermediate readers (7+) who must solve word problems using math and logic.

In this puzzle, readers must determine how Gilbert and his companions must cross a weak bridge carrying one lantern – the problem is that the bridge can only carry two of them at a time – so it is a problem solving exercise.

You can find the First Puzzle here and below is the second puzzle:

If you would like your own copy of the book you can still purchase second-hand copies on Amazon.com.

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