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Lego Rock Raiders Puzzle Book

Lego Rock Raiders Puzzle 1

Lego Rock Raiders Puzzle BookThis Lego Activity is from the Lego Rock Raiders Puzzle Book published by DK in 1999 and now sadly out of print. We picked up a copy at a second hand book store but you may also be able to find a used copy on Amazon or ebay.

Better still, I’m always posting puzzles contained in this and other books on the blog, so you dont’ have to spend hundreds of dollars finding Lego activities for your young fans.

This particular book is a great way for kids (who are interested in Lego) to engage with maths as most of the puzzles involve number problem solving.

Here is what a reviewer on Amazon had to say about it, albeit 10 years ago:

We bought this book for our 4 1/2 year old who loves Legos and is interested in math. The story is fun and exciting and shows practical applications for math concepts. The rock raiders crash on an unknown planet and must use the materials there to repair and refuel in order to continue on their mission.

After going through this book a few times, our preschooler understood multiplication, division, using a calculator, estimating, and some basic word problems (how much fuel is required to go a given distance at a given rate). The excitement of the story makes the learning process FUN!

This particular puzzle requires readers to interpret a diagram to figure out the answer:

 Lego Activity Sheets

Lego Activity Sheet – Minifigure Game

Another Lego Activity Sheet for rainy days. This time it’s something different.

The Lego Series 7 minifigures are having a game, though the Space Marine minifigure thinks it is much more than that 🙂

It is a strategy game where players capture areas of space by joining up the stars on the board. Taking turns, players use different colored pens to mark their territory.  I would recommend making a few copies of the  sheet as it is sure to be addictive, and competitive.

The “best of 3 games” might end up being “the best of 10″…

Click on the image below and it will expand into a larger, printable size.

Lego Minifigures Activity Game

This game was featured in the June-August 2012 Edition of the Lego Magazine.

Lego Magazine

Each quarter Lego comes out with a terrific magazine for fans. It is full of articles, images, comics and games and it is FREE!

You can sign up for the Lego magazine if you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and NZ (AUS and NZ have initial payment of $19.95 and then it is free from then on).

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