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Lego Birthday Party – Guide To Lego Cakes, Lego Candy & more

Lego Birthday PartyMy son’s birthday is coming up and while I was searching the net for Lego Birthday Party ideas I came to the conclusion that parents of kids who love to create with Lego are seriously creative themselves!

Honestly, I’ve seen so many different variations on the Lego birthday cake, Lego favor bags, Lego candy and I’ve even come across Tofu Lego finger food!

Lego Birthday Party Resources

Here are some links to resources as a first step to creating a great Lego Party.

Official Lego Party IdeasThe Official Lego Site has an area dedicated to Lego birthday parties and includes favor ideas, activities and games kids can play.

They include a step-by-step plan for Lego parties and parties in general. While you can add things as you see fit, its a good roadmap to follow if you don’t want things to become too complicated (a good idea when dealing with lots of excited kids):

1. Include a LEGO brick in a padded envelope with the party invitations.
2. Have an activity ready to start as soon as guests arrive.
3. Mix group games with individual projects so no one is left out.
4. Make sure everyone gets to “win” something.
5. Finish up with cake.
6. Send everyone home with a goodie bag.

Lego Downloadable ResourcesLego also have Downloadable Resources on their website that can:

  • Decorate the party environment, table, bags and invitations
  • Keep children occupied while others arrive,
  • Form the basis of party games and activities
  • Be used for party favors to take home
You can find some of the Lego printable pages here.

Lego Birthday Party – Hall Of Fame

While I couldn’t go through each and every web article about Lego Birthday Parties I selected a few beautiful examples of “Lego-centric Parent Creativity” to get the ball rolling.

Most websites I found not only had some amazing ideas for my son’s party but also had links to other sites with free Lego-printables I could use on the day. Also, most parties were for boys but I am sure girls who love Lego would also appreciate most of the ideas here.

Here are some great places to start for ideas on creating a Lego themed party.

Delia Creates BlogBlog Name: Delia Creates

  • Lego Party For: Son Age Six
  • Lego Related Party Ideas: Invitations, Games, Cake, favors
  • Activities: I Spy the Lego Guy, Lego, Lego, Who’s got the Lego?
  • Quote: “The party was a great success. During the party one of his friends remarked, “This is the best birthday party ever!” Sigh…That made it all worth it. :)”
  • Address: http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2011/01/lego-birthday-party.html

Hostess With The Mostess BlogBlog Name: Hostess With The Mostess

  • Lego Party For: Son Age Six
  • Lego Related Party Ideas: Invitations, Games, Cake, favors, snacks, props
  • Activities: Lego Race, Lego Memory Game, Lego Coloring Wall
  • Quote: “At first, I thought that every Lego Party idea was already ‘out there’, so I didn’t even research on the web for inspiration ideas because I was worried my ideas would start skewing towards all the cute things people have already done.   I really wanted to come up with some fresh ideas for activities, decor and favors.  This was a challenge, but I am excited with how things turned out.”
  • Address: http://www.hostessblog.com/2011/07/a-modern-lego-inspired-birthday-party/

Creative Compulsive BlogBlog Name: Creative Compulsive

  • Lego Party For: Son Age Seven
  • Lego Related Party Ideas: Cake &  favors (home-made Lego figure crayons)
  • Quote: “I like birthday parties.  I like the planning.  I like the creating.  I like the yard full of happy children….Two weeks later my son remembers it all as a fun party and a chance to play with his friends.  For me, it was more a reminder to cater to the individual child, which doesn’t always mean following every creative whim. “
  • Address: http://creativecompolsive.blogspot.com/2011/06/lego-birthday.html

What About Your Lego Birthday Party?

Do you have an article on your blog about your child’s Lego party and want to share it here?

Add your blog post below to share your ideas and successes with others who are planning a Lego Birthday Party.