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Lego City Harbor 4654

Lego City Harbor Review (4645)

We review the Lego City Harbor (set 4645) which is part of the Lego City theme and features a large green cargo ship to transport grain, a red cargo truck, a crane to move goods from the wharf to the ship, a moveable conveyer belt and a small office.

The set fits in with Lego’s current Farm theme and the various elements in the set feature farm-related decals.

Lego City Harbor 4654

Lego City Harbor Details

Lego Harbor 4645 Inside The Box
Lego Harbor 4645 Inside The Box

Lego Set Number: 4645
Pieces: 551
Minifigures: Fisherman, Dock Worker, Crane driver and Chief Officer
Price: US $89.99 / €79.99 / £71.99
Ages: 6 – 12
Released: May 2011
Theme: City
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Lego City Harbor

Lego City Harbor: A Little Background

The Lego City Harbor Set 4645 comes on the heels of 2009’s popular City Harbor set (7994) which now sells for a small fortune on secondary markets.The previous harbor set was larger but a little impersonal and this latest release manages to capture the essence of the Lego City theme very well and a whole heap of playability is squeezed into the set’s 551 pieces.

Lego city harbors are fun. Not only do you get a beautiful ship and a truck but you also have the interactivity of a crane and a conveyor belt to transport goods from the dock to the ship, to the truck and back again.

This latest Lego City Harbor has a farm emphasis, and fits in well with the rest of the Lego Farm theme sets.

Kids can “grow” their own Lego crops and then transport them to the docks via the truck and then ship it overseas.

Lego Conveyer Belt
Lego Conveyer Belt

The whole theme has a beautiful feel about it –  kids naturally want to know more about food, where it comes from and how it gets to their plate.

Sets like this within the City theme let kids explore such integral facets of their everyday life and much as I love the Firefighter and Police sets I feel the Farm theme and it’s related sets are a wonderful balance to those “more exciting” themes.

There is nothing more essential to our lives than food creation and distribution and even though it might not seem all that exciting it can really get a child’s imagination growing.

Lego City Harbor: A Closer Look

At first glance the box is beautiful, fitting in well with other City themed sets with background coloring in light blue and featuring an idyllic scene of a day at the Lego City wharves, complete with a bright yellow crane loading grain onto a green cargo ship and a red truck being filled with grain from a conveyer belt.

Of course no harbor scene would be complete without a few fish and a fisherman trying his luck at the end of a pier.

The box is larger than other sets of the same piece count, presumably  to hold the ship’s hull which comes in one large piece.

Having ships with large one or two-piece hulls is a tradition in Lego City sets.

Lego Green Ship
Lego Green Ship (Ready for a motor)

As a child I vividly remember playing with a Lego ship in the bath. Bath time is so much more of an adventure with Lego boats and is worth keeping in mind in the case of sets like this, which can broaden the play opportunities for Lego collections.

The ship floats and can be played with on a floor or in a bath or outdoor water area, which means kids can enlarge the scope of their play dramatically.

The pier/wharf/dock is fairly simple and is at the same level as the ship. Unlike the previous Lego City Harbor set which had a raised wharf, Lego have opted for more simple baseplate pieces which simply sit flat on the floor.

Given the boat also sits flat on the floor they are at the same height which would make for a flooded wharf – a strange decision but I guess that is what imagination is for :0)

Lego Crane Winch
Lego Crane Winch

The interactive elements are wonderful:

  • The ship floats
  • The Truck’s bed raises like a dump truck
  • The conveyor belt can be operated by a knob on the side to load the truck
  • The crane can be raised and lowered as well as moved left to right to load either the truck or the ship.

The crane and conveyor belt are fun and Lego has introduced new knobs that make the movement of the crane’s bucket and the belt on the conveyor very easy to move for little hands.

Older incarnations of this type of movement in Lego sets have been clumsy and hard for small hands to move so this is a wonderful addition.

Harbor accessories include a garbage bin, fish, a rat, numerous lights including port/starboard lights on the ship, broom, shovel, bed inside the ship, trolley, numerous pieces of “grain” and more.

Lego City Harbor Rating

5/5 Stars

We love the Lego City Harbor and so do our kids. With such beautiful colors, an array of vehicles and play features how could you go wrong.

This is perfect for kids who love to find out more about the world we live in and want to take their Lego into different environments around the home.

The Lego City Harbor gets our vote as one of 2011’s Best Lego Sets!

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