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Lego Architecture Fallingwater – Review (Set 21005)

Lego Architecture Fallingwater BoxThe Lego Architecture Fallingwater set is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece of design and construction that is a true landmark in the history of building design and has inspired Architects for generations.

Designed and built in the 1930’s the building is situated on the side of a hill and incorporates a naturally flowing waterfall into the layout of the house. The house utilizes strong horizontal and vertical lines yet still seems to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape.

The Lego Fallingwater set is part of the Lego Architecture theme, aimed at older builders and presented in a micro scale.

Lego Architecture Fallingwater – Details

Lego Architecture Fallingwater SetLego Set Number: 21005
Pieces: 811
Minifigures: N/A
Price: US $99.99 / £74.99
Ages: 16+
Released: 2009
Theme: Lego Architecture
Our Rating:  4/5
Best Prices: Amazon have the set on discount with Free Shipping. UK residents can find it at Amazon.co.uk

Fallingwater – A Closer Look

Falling WaterSometimes referred to as Kaufmann Residence, Fallingwater is a home designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwesternPennsylvania for the Kaufmann family.

The house was build over a period of three years, from 1936-1939 and the Kaufmann family used it as a holiday home until 1963 wherein the home was donated to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and opened to the public as a museum a year later.

In 1991 the American Institute of Architects named the house the “best all-time work of American architecture”.

Lego Architecture Fallingwater Set

The set is a beauty.

As far as the Lego Architecture sets go this is widely regarded as THE set that all future releases will be measured against.

Lego Architecture Fallingwater Instructions P32

With just over 800 pieces this is one of the larger Lego Architecture models but even so it measures 10″ long,  5″ wide and 4.5″ high. Nevertheless it is a solid set and would look great on a desk or bookshelf as a display piece.

The instruction booklet, like all Lego Architecture set manuals includes a guide to the Architect, the design and construction of the building as well as 100 pages of instructions.

Building time is longer than you would expect for such a small piece, about 5 hours all told.

The final model feels solid and is certainly a talking point. The simple act of sitting down to build this set as per the instructions is a lesson in Architecture. Somehow putting each tiny piece together makes the set builder connect with the design features of the building, so much more than than simply looking at a picture could.

Building a lego Architecture set gets the mind working; “Why did he do it this way, “I didn’t notice this feature”.

The set is perfect for Lego fans who are showing a budding interest in Architecture. The 16+ age recommendation is a rough guide only and kids with experience in building Lego models from instructions who show interest will appreciate the challenge.

Value For Money: Small and Expensive but highly unique 4/5
Play Experience: Good build experience and great for Architecture buffs – 5/5
Pieces & Minifigures: Lots of small plates in tan & trans-clear  3/5
Value For Kids:  Not for kids but ideal for older Lego fans and Architects In Training  4/5

The Brick Life Rating

Lego Review Ratings 4/5

Lego Architecture Fallingwater Gallery

Lego Falling Water Video

Lego Architecture Fallingwater

Lego Architecture FallingwaterDesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934, Fallingwater is perhaps the most famous residential home in the world.

Open to the public since 1963, this masterpiece exemplifies Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architectural style by intimately merging man with the surrounding landscape.

This highly-detailed LEGO model, co-developed and designed by architect Adam Reed Tucker, captures all of the distinctive features that make Fallingwater an architectural landmark.

The assembled Fallingwater model stands 10″ (256 mm) wide on a gray base with printed name label and includes a booklet with facts about the building, its construction and its history.

The Lego Architecture Fallingwater set is a striking and imaginative display for your desk, bookshelf or mantelpiece.

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