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The Lost Brick Lego Film

The Lost Brick | A Lego Christmas Greeting

Lego Australia has released a cute video The Lost Brick as part of a grand finale to their celebration of 50 years of Lego Down Under.

The short film details the adventures of a Lego Brick over the course of 50 years. You can view it below and then share and personalise the film here.

The Festival of Play has given us some fantastic moments including the Lego forest of trees in the middle of Sydney and Lego flowers in the Outback – Thanks to Lego for a truly magical experience. I hope I’m around for the 100th year celebration 🙂


One red LEGO® brick embarks on an epic 50-year journey in a festive animation launched to ‘wrap up’ LEGO Australia’s Festival of Play celebrations

Arriving just in time for Christmas, LEGO® Australia has today unveiled a festive treat for fans of all ages in the form of a cheery animation, entitled The Lost Brick.

Available to view, share and personalise here, the illustrated animation sees a LEGO brick from 1962 (the year LEGO bricksfirst arrived on Australian shores) set off on a 50-year adventure.

Beginning with a nostalgic festive scene featuring a child’s glee as they unwrap a new LEGO set, the story sees the star of the animation, one red LEGO brick, accidentally tumble out of its box. As the young boy makes the finishing touches to his LEGO house it becomes apparent that there is a missing brick… Hidden beneath the sofa, the red LEGO brick is discovered by the family’s dog and whisked off outside where it begins an epic adventure, involving whales and hot air balloons, eventually returning to a family home for Christmas 2012.

The unveiling of The Lost Brick comes as LEGO Australia begins to ‘wrap up’ its Festival of Play celebrations. From a giant LEGO Forest magically sprouting up around the country, play-inspired art mosaics from local creatives, a giant Pop-up Play Pit in Melbourne, to the nation’s favourite historical moments recreated with LEGO Minifigures – the Festival of Play has been encouraging play and surprising Australia since April 2012 with its 50th anniversary celebrations.

Commenting on The Lost Brick and LEGO Festival of Play, Caroline Squire, Director of Marketing, LEGO Australia and New Zealand said:

“The Lost Brick animation shows how the iconic LEGO brick has remained relevant for the last 50 years, and continues to evoke playful and imaginative memories and experiences for LEGO fans.”

“Australia’s fondness for LEGO brick play and its endless building possibilities have been clear to see throughout the Festival of Play, with Aussies of all ages embracing and enjoying the campaign’s activities. As we wrap up our 50th anniversary celebrations, we want to thank the nation for celebrating with us with this whimsical animation, designed to be shared with friends and family over the festive season.”

To view The Lost Brick animation, visit the following link:

Lego Festival Of Play - Sydney Forest Flowers

Lego Festival Of Play – Lego Forest In Sydney

Lego Festival Of Play - Sydney Forest FlowersAs part of the Lego Festival of Play, Lego has turned Sydney’s Martin Place into a forest complete with life-sized plastic Lego trees and flowers.

If you are in Sydney today or tomorrow, make sure to make your way to Martin Place in the city and take a stroll through the Lego.

Lego Festival Of Play – Sydney

Sydney 18 April 2012:  Martin Place has today been transformed into a magical LEGO® Forest, complete with colourful LEGO Flowers.

The LEGO Forest consists of 15 of the iconic LEGO ‘pine’ trees scaling 4 metres in height and 15 flower sets, both recreated to a 1:1 scale of the original toy pieces, and has popped up unexpectedly to surprise and delight passers by this week to add some colour and fun to this busy urban space.

Standing tall in Sydney’s Martin Place from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 April, the LEGO Forest is part of the launch of the LEGO Festival of Play, a nine-month schedule of hands-on events and elaborate creations all set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LEGO® brick in Australia.

Throughout the LEGO Festival of Play a multitude of national activities, all paying homage to the humble LEGO brick, will be unveiled at LEGOfestival.com.au, with plenty of ways for Aussies young and old to get involved.

Commenting on the launch of the LEGO Forest, Caroline Squire, Director of Marketing, LEGO Australia and New Zealand said: 

“There’s no limit to the imagination and creativity that LEGO bricks inspire. We’re really excited to kick-start LEGO Festival of Play by creating a new and very large LEGO experience, designed to brighten up a concrete jungle, and capture the imagination of Aussies of all ages.” 

“The LEGO Forest is a taster of the playful activities we have planned for 2012, as we celebrate the colourful foundations of the LEGO brick in Australia.”

Lego Festival of Play – Sydney Launch Gallery 

If you’re in Australia make sure to find more about the Lego Festival of Play that celebrates 50 years of Lego Down Under.