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Lego Atlantis Movie

Lego Atlantis MovieThe Lego Atlantis Movie premiered on January 15th 2010 on the Cartoon Network.

It is more of a short film than a movie, with a running time of 21 minutes but it is a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the underwater Lego theme from 2010-2011.

Lego Atlantis Movie

The movie features the characters Captain Ace Speedman, Professor Sam Rhodes, Dr. Jeff Fisher and Lance Spears and covers the origin story of the Atlantis Crew, deep sea salvage crew who search the ocean for shipwrecks and treasure. The crew find a clue to the location of the long lost Atlantis city, and then set out to uncover its mysteries

Lego Atlantis Movie Plot

Lego Atlantis Movie Screenshots(SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Deep underwater the Atlantis logo appears and the Neptune Carrier runs through it revealing the characters. Captain Ace Speedman (Bruce Boxleitner) announces to the crew that they will dock by the darkness. A fish scientist named Dr.Jeff Fisher or Fish (Jeff Glen Bennett) wants to get praise from the others by looking for a fake species. Samantha Rhodes (Rachael MacFarlane) is a professor who wants to enjoy the love of Atlantis. They all meet up with First Mate Lance Spears (Patrick Seitz) who is lazy at all times. Then a giant crab comes and throws the ship down to a lava pit.

They all escape and stop in a nearby wasteland. They all go into the bottom base and see the recycled pieces of Lego. They build the machines that are used in the toy series. The back doors open and they all head out to look for the keys to find Atlantis. They see Manta Warriors and fight them off only for everyone to be chased by a shark. Lance makes a fake dummy and throws it at the shark.He eats it and blows off. They find the 2 keys. They go into a squid temple and Fish gets a crystal from there but escapes. Then a giant squid grabs them but gets tangled by them and Sam gets the crystal. Captain Ace find one in the ground but gets hit by a Manta Warrior and he nabs his eye patch and his key.

Then Ace leaves and the crew look for him. They find him at the forbidden shark temple where he has his eye-patch and key. He gives Sam the key and the doors open. Fish gasps as millions of shark-warriors run out and attack them. They use a trident to scare them away. Then they see the last crystal but Sam thinks that Atlantis was just fake and she wasn’t that smart. Ace encourages her to move on and she does. They pull out the keys and place them in the key holders on a gate.

Fish notices that there is one missing. Then the last key appears and they place it in the middle. Sam turns it and it makes two sharks to come to life from statues. They chase around them until they get all their power to build a rocket to get over the portal in the middle. They run into it and the screen fades out. They appear to be in the golden city of Atlantis. Then Fish, Sam, Ace and Lance look out into the city as they become heroes.

Information from Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Atlantis:_The_Movie

Lego Atlantis Movie (Part 1)

You can watch the movie on the official Atlantis website or on youtube. We have located the first part below and you can see the Youtube channel for the rest of the series.

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Lego Movies – Guide To Lego Movies on DVD, Blu Ray & The Web

Lego MoviesLego Movies are a perfect union of art and play.

With the versatility of Lego, movies can be created by kids as young as four and by professionals with years of experience in the film industry.

Youtube is chock full of Lego movies, of all sorts of quality and the Lego company has also been busy creating commercials, web movies and more recently, DVDs and Blu Ray Lego films.

Lego Movies On DVD and Blu Ray

Lego produced it’s first full length movie in 2010, and has since produced more longer-form films to be released on DVD/Bu Ray. Like most movies, always watch these with your kids if you are concerned about the level of “violence/action”.

How Lego Movies Are Made

Lego Movies are generally made using two different methods.

Amateur Lego film producers mostly make movies using an animation technique known as stop-motion animation. Professional Lego film productions generally render Lego on computers and animate using 3D animation programs like Maya and Studio Max, similar to those used by top animation studios like Pixar.

Obviously quality varies in these productions but there have been some stunning creation using both these techniques.

Lego Movies – Stop Motion Animation

Lego CameraStop motion animation is essentially the process of moving a figure in slow increments and taking a still photo after each move. Placing these photos together in a computer program and then playing them back at around 24 photos a second makes the figure seem to move across the screen naturally.

To begin, take a Lego minifigure and place it standing on a baseplate.

Set up a still camera on a stable surface and then begin to move your figure. Only make small movements, for example – move one leg slightly, taking a photo at each incremental move. Then do the same to the other leg, perhaps make some hand movements in the same way. Your Lego figure is walking.

By adding a background, the figure can move and interact against scenery. By introducing vehicles, other figures, lighting elements, speech bubbles, an audio track and many more variables the simplicity or complexity of the film can be regulated.

Once the images have been taken, you can import the images into a program like Windows Movie Maker (free with Microsoft Windows). Here you will have to make some changes to make the motion of the figure smooth.

Clutch Powers Lego Movie

1. Adjust the Picture rate to 0.125 second. 

2. Drag your pictures into the timeline.

This will display the movie at 8 frames (individual images) per second.

A traditional film is 24 frames per second so the film will look a little stilted at this point.

3. By going into the effects section of Windows Movie Maker and right-clicking the Speed Up Double option and selecting Add To The Storyboard, you can bring that frame rate up to 16 frames per second.

This will make the frames move faster so they seem to flow into one another, just like traditional film and cartoon movies.

4. From here you can add an audio track or simply Export the film to an uploadable format.

Once the film is completed your child can share their movie with friends, either on computer or via the web. Sharing can lead to group film creation, script writing, model building and more.

Confused? Don’t be scared :0)

It’s actually easier than it all sounds and your child will most likely pick up the process more quickly than you will – My son made a few Lego Animation videos when he was 7 and I asked him how he did it in order to write this post! More famous examples of Lego Stop Motion animation include Rymdreglage 8 Bit Trip and The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told.

Lego movies are enjoyable for kids on either side of the camera – Lego stop motion animation is a great way to enhance a child’s love of building and creating while watching Lego movies can inspire kids to make their own models, stories or films.