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Brick Journal Compendium Vol 2

Brickjournal Compendium Vol 2 75% Off

Twomorrows Publishing who release the wonderful Brickjournal Lego magazine each quarter are having a sale, with a number of cool Lego items on the list.

The best deal by far is the Lego Brickjournal Compendium Vol 2 which normally retails for $34.99 (and not much less on Amazon) but is now on sale for $9.99, a whopping (do people still use that word?) 71% off!

Here is a quick synopsis of what is inside the 224 pages of Lego joy:

Brick Journal Compendium Vol 2Brickjournal Volume 2

BrickJournal Compendium, Volume Two, compiles issues #4-5 of the acclaimed online magazine for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages—for the first time in printed form!

This FULL-COLOR book spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community through interviews with: Mike Wilder (about using a Mindstorms robot to film a 3-D documentary) and Mark Larson (creator of the Fabuland Housewifes online comic strip), Alban Nanty on his Lego-based Star Wars® film, plus features on Lego character sculptures, tutorials on LCad software for creating projects, an examination of Legoland’s history, behind the scenes at a Lego factory, building big with Legos (from castles and rollercoasters to ships and skyscrapers), creating custom minifigures, instructions and building techniques, and more!

Edited by Joe Meno.

Other highlights of the sale include custom kits of actual Lego + instructions:

If you haven’t read a Brickjournal Magazine yet, then this might be a great time to pick up the compendium and a couple of back issues for some light holiday reading.



Lego 2013 – First Sneak Peek Image?

Rumors and leaked images for the Lego 2013 sets are starting to appear on the web, but in the mail today I received my first Official Sneak Peek of what is to come courtesy of the last Lego Club Magazine for 2012.

On the back page of the September -December 2012 Magazine was a curious question mark image with a transparent sphere containing crystals inside, super-imposed on the question mark’s “dot”.

I’m not very adept at explaining things like this and a picture can say so much more…

What do you think?

Lego 2013 Image 1

Of course I’ve heard the rumors of a Lego Ice/Arctic theme (Speedorz?) being launched in 2013…could this be a hint of that theme or is there something else to be read into it?

Let me know what you think, or what you have heard.