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Lego Millennium Falcon Mock-Ad Small

Lego Millennium Falcon Mock-Advertisement Activity

Lego Millennium Falcon Mock-Ad SmallLess Than 12 Parsecs – That’s How Fast You’ll take the Kessel Run with the new Millennium Falcon!

I love this Lego Advertisement 🙂

It was featured in the Lego magazine from September 2011 (Issue 3) and shows set 7965 in a mock-advertisement from the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the company that produced the “real” starship featured in the Star Wars movies.

Readers are encouraged to take the ship for a test drive and I am sure I’m not the only one who wished they could!

Ads like this are a wonderful exercise for kids to help them understand the power of advertising and how it is used in society. As a fun exercise work with your kids to make an advertisement for another set, as if it too were real. Some interesting Ads could be created with:

  • Creator House sets (Real Estate marketing)
  • Alien Conquest sets (Police recruitment or civil safety)
  • Harry Potter (Perhaps an Ad in the Daily Prophet)
  • Lego Batman (The Batcave – Interior Design)

Kids could even create their own Lego models to advertise as new Lego sets, complete with drawings of their own theme logo and box packaging.

Here is the Millennium Falcon Ad in full size to give you more ideas.

Millennium Falcon Ad Gallery

lego 7965Lego Sets Featured In this Activity

Millennium Falcon (Set 7965)

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