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ReBrick – The Lego Sharing Community

RebrickReBrick is described as a social media platform where adult users (ie above 13 years) can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online.

So, if a Lego fan creates a video on Youtube or uploads a photo of their creation to Flickr, it can be featured on ReBrick, shared and talked about.

ReBrick is a not a place to upload images and videos too, rather a location for LEGO fans to share their wonderful models and creations with the world – through commenting, rating, bookmarking, etc.

ReBrick is a Lego owned site but is not intended for commercial use, rather as a place for fans of the medium to gather.

Lego recently released an interview with Peter Espersen, the company’s online community lead and the man in charge of ReBrick. He gives a great outline of the community, why it exists and how it can be useful to fans.

Check out (and sign up to) ReBrick to be a bigger part of the Lego community.