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Lego Hunt For R2-D2 Comic

Lego Star Wars Comic – The Hunt For R2-D2 Part 1

Lego Hunt For R2-D2 ComicIf you take a look at the expanded history of the Star Wars universe it seems that R2-D2, the little astromech droid who has been in all six Star Wars films, seems to get lost an awful lot…

First there was the Quest For R2-D2, a short film made to celebrate 10 years of Lego’s production of Star Wars sets.

The beautifully made details R2-D2’s adventures across the galaxy as he endeavours to elude Separatist forces and return his valuable cargo to Anakin and Co.

Quest For R2-D2

And then the accompanying online game The Quest For R2-D2 in which players must search for the diminutive little droid and the secret plans he is carrying.

Then came The Hunt For R2-D2, a two part Lego comic which detailed R2-D2’s exploits after being bounced out of the back of the Twilight spaceship. Part one of the comic appeared in the 2009 Lego Club Magazine, Issue 4.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find Part 2 which no doubt appeared in Issue 1 of 2010. So if anyone has a copy of the magazine and would be able to scan it I would appreciate it greatly 🙂

The Hunt For R2-D2 Comic

(Click on the thumbnails below, “Right-Click” and Open Image in New Tab to see the full sized images):

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Lego Star Wars Comics

Lego Star Wars Comics – Lego Magazine Jan-May 2012

Lego Star Wars ComicsMy scanner started working (long story) so I’m going nuts scanning Lego articles I come across including some Lego Star Wars Comics from the Jan-May 2012 Lego Club Magazine.

The comic is entitled Tales From The Holcoron Part 1 – Droids on the Run and centers around the scene depicted in A New Hope, where R2-D2 and C3PO eject out of the Tantive IV in an escape pod and crash land on Tatooine. After that however things deviate from the accepted Star Wars lore and get a little crazy 🙂

Sets referenced in the comic include:

Here is the comic (“Right-Click” and open image in new tab to see the full sized images):

Lego Star Wars Comic – Lego Magazine Jan-May 2012

Lego Star Wars Comic Page 1
Page 1
Lego Star Wars Comic Page 2
Page 2
Lego Star Wars Comic Page 3
Page 3

Lego Magazine

Each quarter Lego comes out with a terrific magazine for fans. It is full of articles, images, comics and games and it is FREE!

You can sign up for the Lego magazine if you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and NZ (AUS and NZ have initial payment of $19.95 and then it is free from then on).

Lego Star Wars Comics

Clone Wars animated comicsIf you are interested in more Lego Star Wars comics check out the official Lego Site which has a whole host of very clever Star Wars animated comics.

The comics utilize Flash to combine the concept of comics (with speech bubbles) with animation so the result is an engaging short film that also encourages kids to read the dialogue.

The amazing thing is that the story can be read from two different points of view, from the Good Guy’s perspective (ie the Jedi) or the bad guy’s point of view (ie Bounty Hunters and Separatists).

At the time of writing there are over 20 of the webcomics on the site which would provide a few hours of reading for kids.

If your kids are into comics and Star Wars then Dark Horse comics group has an incredibly rich back list of Star Wars comics from our favorite galaxy Far Far Away….I have a library background and also once owned a business that promoted comics to schools and librares for literacy reasons – kids love to pick up and read comics.

Clone Wars Adventures Comic CoverClone Wars Comic CoverNot all the comics in their library are ideal for young kids but their Clone Wars and Clone Wars “Adventures” series’ are a good place to start. You can also check out Dark Horse’s range of e-comics for ipad and iphone.

I will be going through my older copies of the Lego Club Magazine and will post any Lego Star Wars Comics I find and no doubt heaps of other gems my family has enjoyed over the years.

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