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Lego Stores Locator

Lego Stores LocatorAs a Lego fan (or the parent of one), over time you develop an internal radar which becomes the equivalent of a Lego Stores Locator.

Whether you are after toy stores that sell Lego, Department stores that have Lego in their toy section or an Official Lego Store this Internal Lego Stores Locator radar becomes something that can instantly tell you where the best range of Lego sets can be found, at the best prices.

And it is often something that you take for granted.

For example.

I recently moved to a major city and, after settling in and establishing all the major essentials of my life-place to live, school for kids and best Thai restaurants the area, my immediate concern was “Where are the best places to buy Lego?”.

In truth a good knowledge of the Lego stores in your area can mean the difference between buying the latest Lego Kingdoms set for 25% off or getting the left-over Ben 10 Lego sets for double the recommended retail price.

In addition, seeing new Lego sets in person can give you greater insights to the set. Lego is truly a tactile medium and sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than holding a brand new box of Lego in your hands, feeling the weight and giving it a shake.

Seeing the box first hand, with all it’s artwork and presentation of the “action-features” on the back can certainly help you decide how much you really need/want the set.

Lego Stores Locator

So is there a quick way of finding Lego Stores in your area?

First, get a “lay of the land”.

Lego Stores Locator 1

Lego Stores Locator: Department Stores

Look for all the major department stores like:

  • Target, Walmart and KMart in the US
  • Myers, Big W, Target, KMart and David Jones in Australia
  • Marks and Spencer, Hamleys, Argos and  Tesco in the UK

These retailers often have extensive collections of Lego as part of their everyday range, though some will offer an emphasis on stocking certain sets over others and some might even have an exclusive deal with Lego to stock certain sets only in their store.

Larger department stores also have storewide or department-wide sales that can offer wonderful savings on Lego, so keep an eye out for brochures online or in your letterbox.

Lego Stores Locator: Toy Stores

Toy Stores will invariably have Lego and often have a greater range than Department stores.
Look for toy store chains like:

  • Toys R US (US, UK, Australia)
  • Toyworld (Australia)
  • Smyths Toys (UK)

These stores often have exclusive sets not carried by other Toy chains or department stores and their knowledge of new and upcoming Lego sets may be better than department store workers who often have to switch between a number of departments.

Lego Official StoreLego Stores Locator: Official Lego Stores

If you are after Official Lego stores, these are few and far between but they are fun to visit because you are getting a more holistic Lego experience. Going to an official Lego store is like a day out for kids, though you can often leave with an empty wallet :0)

Official Lego Stores exist in just about every state in the US, and there are also a handful in the UK, Germany and Denmark.

The Official stores are certainly worth tracking down if you are after a certain piece in a particular color, or simply want to get a better feel for the range of sets available.

Switching on your inner Lego Stores Locator will allow you to get a more satisfying experience of Lego than you might otherwise be able to experience online and you never know who you will meet in the aisles of the Lego department!