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New Lego Super Heroes Superman Figure at NYCC 2011

Lego Superman NYCC MinifigureAlong with appearances by the cast of The Avengers movie and more comic writers and artists than a geek can bear, the 2011 New York Comic Con (NYCC) has something to offer Lego fans with and exclusive Lego Superman NYCC minifigure on offer to a lucky few.

Like the Green Lantern and Batman figures released at San Diego Comic Con earlier in the year, the Superman figure will be limited in number and acquisition of one will no doubt require standing in line for hours with lots of other Lego fans and missing half the fun of the Comic Con’s events. Either that or spending way too much on ebay after the event.

Thankfully, for most of us who are happy to wait, the Superman figure will feature prominently in Lego Super Heroes sets due for release in early 2012.

NYCC Comic Con

Lego Superman NYCC Minifigure CardIf you are unfamiliar with a Comic Con it is one of the breakout events of the 21st century. Once relegated to the back streets of minor cities Comic Cons are now big business, with major film, TV and comic releases often promoted with new footage and big stars.

Indeed the actual world of comics often plays second fiddle to movie and TV stars (sorry the comic fan in me just wants a soapbox!).

But this year Lego fans who are also comic fans have something seriously cool to look forward to at the New York City Comic Con which runs from 13-16 October at Javits Center in NYC.

Thanks to awesome Lego Star Wars site, From Bricks To Bothans for the info and images.